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I see him with his new girlfriend everyday!


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I know this thread sounds like I am a total idiot and I guess I must be but anyway ,My exboyfriend and I recently broke up .I had been dissatisfed with us for a while.We had been through the death of my Mom and Dad and then through the death of his Mother and many other things that I have not been through with anyone else.Somehow I feel that bonded us. But even after a little while after we met I began to see things I didn't like about him. I should tell you we were together off and on 11 years. He seemed to put most people if not all people higher than he put me. I was in love with him head over heels for a long time but this putting my feelings higher than others just never quite seem to come about,still I loved him. He was a very high maintenance sort of guy and as I saw the dynamics of his family and the way they related I could see why. I did everything for him.He asked me to rub his back or his feet daily ,I did it every single night we were together.He said he couldn't sleep otherwise.Anyway I am not going to go through everything but he depleted me of all emotional and physical energy that I had which I knew was wrong but I still stayed. Anyway the thing now is the worst thing I think I have been through with him or it is up there with ,the other worsts. He got a new girlfriend who is also his ex-sister-in-law .I had wanted him to find someone because I jusy knew it wasn't meant to be between us.I had hoped we would marry but he would never set a date and didn't want to I know. So here I am moved out because he brought her over to live with us and I am not going to stay,right. Well I lose my job and he asks me almost begs me to move back so that I could help him with the bills. When I ask him is she going to work I get NO ,she is going to take care of the house and get some food. Recently he quit his job when he thought I could pay for everything until he found a job he liked better than the one he had. He has always gave me a hard time about working to help out. So,I move back and I am trying to find another job for myself to move out again forever,I know I'll be lonely,I already am but it will be better for me in the long run. So now I have my own bedroom and she sleeps with him and has took over the house as her domain which I just don't understand how that doesn't bother him that we had all those years together and now here he is and doing all of what we use to do righ in front of me. He and she sleeps in the bed we use to sleep in.I still care about him but this and some other things have caused me to see how or what he really is. What I am writing about today is I was in the kitchen ,where I usually stay in my room, and I saw him and her kissing outside and BOY that hurt and it mad me sick at m y stomach. I must be a idiot and anything else you want to say about me. I can't believe all this is happening to me .But my main goal now is to get another job and get the he-- out of here and away from him for good. I am happ y that he is happy but I believe that they will have trouble just like we had cause he hasn't changed but I do not want to ever go through this again,ever! Thanks for listening.!!

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Good lord woman! You poor thing. I can't imagine...


But then, I can't imagine what drove you to LIVE with him and his new girlfriend. I'd rather stay in a homeless shelter, or hell, even a refrigerator box in an alley than put myself through that.


Get out, run away from that house as fast as you can. The boogie man or relationships past lives there. Oh, and what drove this woman to let you move in? Wow. I'm sure she's nearly as uncomfortable as you are.


This guy sounds like a real treat...

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Why did you go back and live with them????? Why would you even consider it, surely you must have had somewhere else to go, even to rent a room alone would be better than that. Can't you move out with a friend NOW, rather than wait. This is torture. He didnt have much respect for you before, but now? How can you continue to live there seeing this other woman take over, its proposterous. GET OUT OF THERE!

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