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what did he mean by this?


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me and my boyfriend have been dating for like 10 months. he is like 6ft 1in and weighs 110 lbs. (i know, very skinny. but its just his metabolism. he does eat...a lot actually) I am 5ft 5 and weigh 155 pounds. im not skinny, but i wouldnt say im very fat either. medium about. we are both vegetarians. i have a very healthy diet and exercise regularly. yesterday we were talking about how he eats more than i do. and he was about to say something like, you eat so much less than me why do you weigh what you do. but, he stopped him self realizing it would sound mean. but i knew what he was going to say. so i was like, skinnier? and he was like, yeah i just didnt want to sound mean. we have never really talked about my weight before, he has never talked about it or said it bothered him. now im worried he thinks im fat and unattractive. am i overthinking??

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He just didn't want to sound mean i'm sure he didn't mean it. I wouldn't worry about him thinking your fat. I think hes more worried about himself being skinny.


Your wrong about him not being able to gain weight. I was just like him and everybody thought I ate a lot too. I started eating more and gained about 20 lbs. If he wants to gain weight he just needs to eat more, metabolism is no excuse! Although it probabally is harder to gain weight since hes a vegetarian, but still doable.

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He was trying to comment on how skinny he was (and how he didn't want to be) but then realized halfway through how it could come off that he was commenting on your weight.


He meant nothing against you.


I think you might be a little insecure about your own weight and that's why his comment bothered you.

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6'1" 110 pounds? You sure that isn't a typo? I'm 160 pounds at the same height and I'm pretty thin. Can't imagine someone the same height as me and 50 pounds lighter.


yeah, exactly. my friend is 5'3 and 111 lbs and she is a size 0. 110 lbs is like literally starving.

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he would have a BMI of 14.5 then, which is way medically underweight. you should put him back on a scale, lol. we are curious!


I wonder if you mean 100 kg? that's more reasonable for a 6'1 man.



It's more reasonable, but that's not thin. 6'1" 220 pounds is not thin at all.

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