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what does it mean if a girl says your name when she talks to you?


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This girl and I have been talking for a while.. Its a long and complicated situation.. we briefly dated but we called it off.. and I am under the assumption that she might be wanting step things up again.. as well as me wanting to also.. I have been looking at certain character traits about her that have become routine.. one thing that ive noticed that not other girl has down was.. when we text or even talk i will catch her saying/typing my name in the sentence every once in a while.. I was wondering why she might be doing this? She has down on all sorts of occasions.

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Maybe she likes your name? Maybe she's emphasizing that she talking to you? I don't know that there's really any meaning to divine here. Perhaps just asking her will resolve your issue?


I wouldn't worry until she starts calling names that are not your's, though.

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