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How can I help my best friend?

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My best friend just recently found out that his dad has cancer and its inoperable. My friend is only 26 and is being strong but obviously finding it hard to deal with. His mum is taking it really badly too and is not sleeping or eating properly and as a result has had to be taken into hospital herself.


I want to know what I can do to support him through all this. I am in regular contact with him and am there for him to talk to although sometimes its hard to know what to say as there are no answers as such. I have offered to meet up or to get supplies in or whatever he needs but at the moment he is obviously tied up with other things and we haven't had chance to meet.


Is there anything else I could be doing or saying to help? I dont want to keep calling or texting all the time either as dont want to hassle him if he has other things to take care of?

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