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a couple months ago her recent ex bf added her on facebook and she is like i added him but will delete him if tries to contact me, no big deal okay thanks for letting me know, about a week ago she said her very first ex bf added her on facebook, i tell her same rule he talks to you and your deleting him. i don't want to be controlling but i don't want to be "that guy", the controlling guy but i want some lines. so more backstory, she changed something on my facebook and says i wont find it and that she has taken precaution and changed her password so i cant change her things, again no big deal i trust her. today i was home alone and was like i trust her but let me just look on her facebook, the first time if had ever done this. and i couldnt guess the password, so i went into her email, i know the password, and this is the first time i have ever done this. and i started shaking i saw that she had been talking to her first ex bf. it notifies her what he said but when i go into her facebook, i used her computer next and her password was saved, a lot of the messages were deleted and when i check her email i can only see what he said, it seem harmless but its kinda flirty lots of joking and , and to top this off SHE ADDED HIM not him adding her. i am honestly really upset i am shaking and she is at work and i leave before she gets home so i think i am just going to ignore her all day then tell her that this is bs when i get home tonight. what do i do? i thought she seemed a little off it looks like they have been talking for a couple days and maybe this is why? before her last couple bfs she would always go back to this guy, is she rekindling feelings for him?

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Facebook is such a bad website if you are dating because it causes so much drama.


Only for those who have drama/are looking for drama in their lives. If not in facebook, people will find the drama somewhere else if they want to/if it's there.


Many people have FB and date and it doesn't cause any problems.

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