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What an inconsiderate b-tch.


Her mom was affected by the earthquake in Haiti. Thats kind of why I wanted to bring her out yesterday. I sent her a FB msg saying that I will be sending out a special prayer 2nite for the two of you and that I hope you are doing well.


She never responded. I went on my brother's facebook and she was chatting it up in Haitian to some dude at like 10 last night, after I sent that msg. I know the dude lives in Haiti so it doesn't mean anything to me, but what a ridiculous thing to do.


NC starts today!

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My uncle gave me one good piece of advice. He told me he has been through 100s of relationships, from 3 days to 10 years in his life, and the best piece of advice he could give me was to do nothing. No letters, phone calls, trips, etc. One day she will contact me again and tell me what the true reason behind all of this is. I also need to make up my mind if I can actually have sex with this woman and thats it, because right now that is all it is. In most cases I'd be happy, but not with my fiance! I want love, and I deserve it. (Girl's name), if one Friday night comes up in the next few months and you miss your sexy ex-boyfriend and want to call him, don't. Because you broke his heart, but at the same time you made him a stronger man, because he will be better off without you. All the broken promises, the lies, the lack of communication, screw you.

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take your uncle's advice. you just typed this earlier today! she's not responding to you now, a long drawn out email/letter is not going to give you closure. she's likely to just ignore it, or give you some two sentence response and make you feel even crappier. do nothing.

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Its probably some self centered reason that she cant pinpoint herself. She would just make up some B.S. that would just piss you off more or make you feel worse. Do a 180 and dont contact her. You might be desperate now for answers but you will regret it later big time. Give it a lot more time. She probably will contact you in the future with a whole new set of B.S. but your head/mind will be in a much better place.

Try to understand that the pain of rejection is making you think crazy. Calm down a little and go have a couple beers with your buddies or ask that cute babe out on a casual date that you would have if your head wasnt all tangled up with this crazy arse......Above all else try to let the hurt and anger go.....Its only going to hurt you and make you do stupid things....been there done that.

So has your uncle.....so heed his advice, lest you be telling your future kids/nephews how you screwed up big time after a breakup.

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Thanks guys. I'm really proud with myself for not sending any letters. Instead I went out and played some good basketball (my true love) with my friends. I didn't/wont check her FB 2nite. I feel really good 2nite!


My uncle also told me that one day she might let me know what the true reasons are, but like he told me, it is the beginning of the end, and as much as it hurts. I will be okay


My dad also told me that she might end up calling you one night when she's lonely to come over and maker her feel better. When she does just tell her that when she's ready to work on things you will, but right now you won't. I feel really good!!

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