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Guys: is this inappropriate? Cheating? Nothing to worry about?


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If your girlfriend is out with friends (male AND female), drinking and playing games accross a long table (such as pool or beer pong), and she jokingly shakes her butt and bends over to show cleavage accross the table to "distract" the opposite team, how would you feel about this? Would other guys being present make it worse or does it make a difference?

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Technically yes, it is inappropriate. But it all depends on the girl. If she's known for her skanky ways, then doing things like that just helps clarify it. But if she's a more respectful type, then it's considered a joke and nothing to be misinterpreted.

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As long as the guys are respectful, I don't care. If she starts showing more than a little cleavage or shaking the butt, then there would be concern, but part of the game is distraction and if she's got the goods, why not use them to win?

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If a guy is going to be so insecure that cleavage is shown, then he might as well be insecure of himself for having a hot girlfriend that any guy is going to look at. Women wear a lot of revealing clothing these days, so how is it any different being flirty and drunk while playing Beer Pong? By the way, that's part of playing Beer Pong.


Now exposing yourself or stripping during a match, then that would be inappropriate.

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Okay. Playing pool then?


Shaking your butt and showing cleavage during pool is not only not part of the game, it's kind of disrespectful to someone concentrating on their shot. I'd frown on it because of poor sportsmanship, honestly.


Unless it wasn't a serious game, obviously.


Of course, there are limits to behavior like this. You can go overboard and show too much cleavage, especially. I'd stick to doing this only when you know your bra will keep the girls in place and with a shirt that isn't super-revealing but just enough to be distracting.


Sexy but classy, in short.


Oh, don't engage flirtatious remarks either while doing this if you want your boyfriend to remain okay with this behavior.

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Okay. Playing pool then?


The two are different.


Beer Pong -> Involves alcohol being consumed in copious amounts.


Pool -> Doesn't, inherently.


Either way, I'd view such described actions as inappropriate (as would my SO).


Seeing as my SO and I have the same thoughts on such things, it's never been an issue.

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Inappropriate? Yes


Cheating? No


Personally, I know that my bf wouldn't like it if I was shaking my @ss or showing cleavage to other men. I wouldn't be too comfortable if a girl was doing the same to him.


However, every relationship is different. What may work for you, may not work for others.

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It depends on the circumstances, if she is doing it for a laugh then there is no problem, if she was doing it to attrackt another person then yeah their would be. As this situation goes it is just for a bit of a laugh Iv seen it done before and Iv even teased girls while playing pool saying I could see down their tops to put them off their game, it is a harmless joke.


But if your not comfetable with it I sugest bringing it up but not in an argument or a serious conversation just a mention, "Im not comfertable with it, I just dont want people thinking the wrong thing about you".

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Yes, maybe I should have clarified but I meant a pool game in a non-serious context that would likely be accompanied by some drinking, such as at a bar/lounge or a house party.


Drinking in a bar or party house, I'd say that would be very typical behavior. It's tacky, but certainly not cheating.


Well, I see others said the same thing I did. lol

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