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To do IT or not to do IT


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Well. This past week my good friends just got a new neighbor and he is very attractive. We all hung out together and I kept catching him looking at me which was easy to do because I was looking at him. I am pretty sure I could sleep with this very attractive, younger man but I am not sure its a good idea. He lives right next to my good friend and her boyfriend. Also, he is younger than me (21) and I'm also pretty sure that we not be compatible for a LTR but it has been so long since I've met let alone seen someone that I am attracted to. What do you think? Should I try to get away with being totally shallow and throwing caution to the wind? Or should I just wait until I meet someone that I want to be with for a long period of time?

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I can't answer that and I don't think anyone else can. We don't know you. You need to answer this yourself based on your morals and your gut feelings about the whole situation.


My suggestion: don't. If things go bad, it'll be awkward because he'll still be a neighbour to your friend. Think of how fun it would be to bump into him and stuff.

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You capitalized IT...that makes me think Information Technology. I clicked on this thread prepared to give lots of advice. Now I find out it's just about sex


Hahaha, don't you hate it when you're trying to read about computers and instead you get sex? That's the worst


OP I agree with Fudgie that you need to be the one to answer that.


If you are ok with casual sex and the terms of the relationship are clear, then why not? You might even be surprised by this younger man because he could turn out to be compatible with you and long-term material.


I might be in favor of the caution-to-the-wind approach for myself because it sounds like fun! But because of who I am, I know that my real choice would be: no thanks, I can wait to have sex until I'm in a steady relationship. So you decide

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It's totally up to you, I can only tell you what I would do. If I was single, no attachments, not seeing/dating anyone, and I was totally attracted to them, then yes, why not? Just be careful he doesnt get attached. Alot of times there's this stereotype that guys are the ones usually in it for the casual sex, but I think Male/Female we think the same sometimes. Just make sure he know what it is you want.

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