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i started seeing this guy a little while ago. we werent dating for a very long time at all, but so much happened in such a short period of time. i wont go into details cos it'll be tl;dr.

but i realise now that i cant move on with my life if he's there because i'm putting too much into it, and i can't help putting any less. so i need to break up with him. also, he's a crackhead. i can't be with someone like that.


but the thing is......

two nights ago me and some friends went to a bar.. and i was really drunk. and i basically kissed two guys. i can't explain though how bad i feel, i want to die... i've never cheated on anyone before. i want to tell him so much, but since im going to end it anyways, should i still tell him the truth?

i know he deserves the truth, but i'm scared about what he's going to do. he's tried to commit suicide before. i broke up with him once already, but that lasted about 5 hours. he's really emotional. and he's kind of like a drug dealer, so beating up people is his forte. if i don't tell him, will that spare him, somehow?

please don't yell at me for getting involved with someone who's into drugs and bad stuff. that's not why i'm here, i know i shouldn't.

thanks !

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I left my ex who was a drug dealer and a sick, sick junkie who abused me.


I never thought he deserved to know that I had been unfaithful in the beginning of our "relationship" and I really don't care. I would cut him off, move on with your life and above all - NEVER let him see that he has ANY power over you or your emotions. Power is like crack to a crackhead, really it is.


If you must tell him, tell him nonchalantly to get it off your chest and walk away like nothing happened.

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