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if bf isnt calling me, is he hiding something?


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sometimes my boyfriend will go 3 - 4 days without contacting me. he goes to college 45 min away and hes in a frat. i dont mind it and i trust him .. sometimes.


if he doesnt contact me, i feel like hes hiding something or his conscience feels bad so he doesnt want to talk to me. im a little insecure about it and the more i dont talk to him, the more i think things up in my head.


men - why would u not contact ur gf for 3 or 4 days in a row?


im stubborn so i always wait for him to contact me. so we will go without talking if he doesnt try to text or call.

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Im not a man, but still feel like answering.


Some guys don't see calling their gf's as their main priority. Maybe he is just too occupied with his college stuff OR maybe he doesn't know that you are waiting for/ want him to call you.


Lack of communication can lead to bigger troubles, just let him know that you would like it if he called you more, or even send a simple text, just so that you know he's still thinking of you (not saying he doesn't think of you, but maybe doesn't think you need to know about it)

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You should ask him as not everyone is the same regarding communication and talking with their SO. I myself am a talker and my guy is too... We call each other all day just to say hi and hear each other breath. It's stupid really, and there's others that would say that they can go days without talking to their partner. It's different for everyone so this is something that people should determine early on...

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