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Confused about his ex(?)

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Hi guys!


Few months ago I started dating a guy I was introduced to by my friend and his relative. When I met him he said his previous relationship ended and got over it. Altough when we went out he was still living with his ex who was abroad for long vacation. He said that she is planning to move out as soon as she comes back.


She found out about me and started calling him to get him back. He said that she will get over and I shouldn't worry about it. When she came back she managed to convinced him that she is not ready to meet me. When I came over to his apartment on weekend (she was not there ) I realized my dress disappered from his closet and he didn't seem to be concern about it. She didn't move out since "she have to save money" and still not ready to meet me. He said he cannot move out for the same reason. After a month she bought a guinea pig and he takes care of it. She calls him every day and he said "she just wanna stay friends". He said that he wants to be with me and looks like there is no problem for him. Few weeks ago I couldn't go camping with him and his friends. After that I found out picture of him holding her in arms sitting on the beach. He said that nothing happened, they were "just drunk". Is he just dishonest or lacks any moral qualities?


I consider end it and feel cheated. What do you think?

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i would agree with you. i don't think this will be a healthy, fulfilling relationship for you. maybe if and when he moves out with his ex, but don't wait around for that to happen.




He cannot commit to you right now nor it sounds like it's happening any time soon. I'm sorry but it's bad timing and also just isn't going to end well until they are completely out of each other's life.

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