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Woman phycology... why is she being two faced to me?

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ok... this is something that is now getting on my nerves.

as per, i'll try make it short as possibleee!


A year ago this month i split up with my ex, we still stay in touch, chat on facebook sometimes and such. We've had our arguments for silly reasons unknown. But now she has a new boyfriends, a much older boyfriends than what i was. (shes 18, im 20, the new guys 25)

Now to be honest i couldnt give a f**k what this guys like or whatever, but when we have our "monthly" chats, she always tells me about him, and how great things are. Then i hear off someone else she doesnt know if she will go out with him anymore.


I met a girl a long time ago and we talk to each other and stuff, but she is seeing this guy which i dont want to say anything stupid atm (like ask her out on a date) About a month ago her and my ex met her on a night out and now they became facebook "buddies".. And my ex now knows that i know this girl. Now here is the thing that pisses me off SO MUCH. I heard, that my ex has been saying stuff to this girl, making ME look like an idiot when this girl doesnt really know me. Stuff like: on a night out my ex boyfriend got drunk and kept staring at me like a pedofile (which is a lie), when i see my ex boyfriend on a night out i just ignore him, and just stuff making me sound like some IDIOT...


So here is what id love to know, why oh why is she first telling me her relationship is lovely when it really isnt (i dont really care im just curious why she is telling me different than what she tells other people), and why is she telling bull * * * * to other people about me... which is basically being two faced. Being nice to me, then talking sh*t about me behind my back?????


p.s nobody can keep a secret from me, i find out everything incase you are wondering how i found out what she has been saying about me

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She's playing the 'I'm happier than you' game. My ex does exactly the same thing.


Basically, no one wants their ex to think they're miserable without them. The best position is to be happy and secure with someone new, but still kind enough to speak to their ex. In reality, no one has a perfect relationship and not everyone gets it right on the first go after a break up.


She doesn't want to lose face in front of you by admitting things aren't perfect. It's a pride thing.

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thanks guys.

But this is what i dont understand, yeah weve met up and gone out and id say we're friends and then i find out this. all it goes through my head is... "why???....."

now if i ever do ask this girl out then its knocked my confidence because if she says no im going to look like the biggest idiot in the world cause i know she will probably tell me ex...

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