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When you have ended the rship because it seems like no point.. yet you still like him...


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So.. I have been kinda seeing this guy for 3 months.. and I think he may be a player.. he is a flirt.. does not spend much time with me and I also found out that I am not the only person he is seeing..


Recently.. I had enough and I ended it with him.. I asked him what he wants from me and he said he wants to be friends... I know I really like this guy... but I know I am not happy with the way he treats me and I dont think I should hold on to this relationship.. So I told him.. Its a shame and I understand, but I dont want to be friends and I wished him well in all his endeavours and good bye..


In a few days it is my birthday and he knows that, he might send me a message to say Happy Birthday...


(In February I also tried to break contact, but he actually sent me a V day message and then I was sucked in again.. I kinda have a feeling he may msg me for my Birthday)


I know I still really like him.. but I am not 100% sure he wants a relationship with me.. what should I do if he contacts me??

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I'm pretty sure he doesn't want a relationship with you, but enjoys stringing you along and playing with your mind. He enjoys the fact that he could get you back at any time if he wanted to.


If even did like you, he sounds lke a commitment-phobe and as you say, a player - someone you should avoid a romance with at all costs.


Therefore, I would dance to his tune no longer. If if texts you back either don't answer or tell him that you don't like the way he treats you and please respect your wishes and don't text again. Good luck - I know it's hard liking someone who either doesn't know what they want or just using you as an ego-booster.

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