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Will this diet help me loose weight

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Hello all

I work shift work as a police officer and i have noticed i have started to put on a little bit of weight. I currently try to go running for every 2 days i have off (our rosters ideally work 4 days of work and 6 days off but its not always like that)


I always buy food when i go to work and working nights alot of the time mcdonalds is the only thing open. I buy food because, well i cant be bothered preparing food to take.


So here is what i have decided for a diet on work days: 1 sushi roll at start of my shift, then 4 sushi rolls for breakfeast/dinner (depending on the shift), maybe a coffee at some stage in the shift, dinner at home (if working dayshift)


Non work days: 4 sushi rolls for lunch, dinner at home


Now it should be noted that my parents cook unhealthy food for dinner and ive tried to educate them and plea with them to make healthy food but they dont get it. I cant make my own dinner because they get offended that i dont like their cooking


Will this help me loose weight?


Also the reason i have so much sushi is because i can go to the shop buy a whole heap and freeze it, all i have to then do is defrost it when i need it. Its an easy way to take lunch to work

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Portion control alone has a lot to do with gaining or losing weight. So if you need to eat at home, you can eat what they serve, just have smaller portions. If you cut in half he size of everything you eat, you will lose weight, and maintain a lower weight.


Also, I'm not sure eating sushi rolls 5 days a week is a good idea from the standpoint of how much mercury is in fish (and the type of fish you are eating). I know they don't recommend more than 2 or 3 servings of the kinds of fish that retain a lot of mercury in them, but you can google for that online to see how many servings per week is recommended.


re: McDonalds, you can choose the healthier options and not eat the french fries. They do make salads with chicken on them, and if you have something like a regular hamburger rather than the Big Mac, it reduces the calories.


Also, it is very quick to prepare a healthy sandwich for work if you buy things like sliced turkey and roast beef. You can throw that on a couple slices of bread with mustard and take an apple/fruit with you in just a minute or two, even pack your lunch the night before. If you have a microwave at work, you can buy healthy frozen dinners to eat at work.

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I always buy food when i go to work and working nights alot of the time mcdonalds is the only thing open.


Even if you only made one change by cutting that out of your lifestyle, I bet it would make a big difference.


Be careful about having a diet which relies heavily one one food (i.e. sushi) If you do that, eventually you may get bored with sushi and end up having a binge at McDonald's.

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Did you ever think of cooking a large amount of food on a day off?? Maybe when your parents arent home, and putting small portions of the healthy food you cooked into tuperwear?? I do this, it works great!! I cook chicken or fish with a veggie medley, maybe some potatoes and eggs....Great source of protein, and very tasty!! Bring a Jug of water to work with ya as well, and sip on that all day.


Sushi is good, but not everyday, I consider it a once a month treat....I wouldnt recommend having it as often as you said.


Besides that, cardio is good, but it would benifit you more to do weight training with 20 min of cardio....The more muscle you have on your body the more energy it takes up which causes your body to use the fat as energy since it creates a calorie deficit.


Good luck!! If you have any other question Ask away!!!

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Packing your own lunch and taking control over what you eat are really helpful in situations like these. It's very easy to make a quick healthy lunch. Most days I have a turkey sandwich on multigrain bread with spinach and some mustard, Greek yogurt, and something salty like a handful of almonds or veggie chips. Takes 5 minutes to throw together before work.


The McDonald's thing is tough - I work in a very isolated area and it's usually my only option if I don't pack a lunch - but there are things on the menu that aren't terrible. Ironically, some of their salads are worse for you than their burgers. Any of their salads with fried chicken are higher in calories and fat than their burgers, because of the chicken, shredded cheese, and Ranch dressing. A six- or even ten-piece Chicken McNuggets are decent options, as long as you forego the fries and just have a water as your drink. The grilled chicken snack wraps are also really reasonable.

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Actually Sushi can be pretty unhealthy sometimes. Everyone thinks it is a diet friendly food and so they will eat as much as they want of it, but one sushi roll can be just as bad for you as some other high cal foods. If you do Sushi you have to stay away from Tempura because it means fried, and don't get anything with the cream cheese sauce or spicy sauce they dribble on top, because that is full fat mayo. So becareful about what kinds you are picking or else it isn't much better for you then that burger anyways.

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