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Do you believe God (or whom/what ever you look to) has a path for you to follow?


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Do you believe that your life has already been carved out for you to follow and that you need to TRUST and have unconditional FAITH that where you are is where you are MEANT TO BE and your path in life has already been chosen?


It seems in my life that whenever i TRY anything wether it be love or putting myself out there to meet new people or force myself to be happy in certain situations (like being around happy couples, married people, couples w/kids, etc.) that it never works putting on a brave front and all. It gets very tiring and depressing.


I become more disillusioned and withdraw even from my friends that i find i am better off not ''trying'' anything..just living my life day to day enjoying my new home which i love (2 bedroom condo, i moved in last year), going to work--i work with kids, etc.


Maybe bcuz deep down i feel when things are MEANT TO CHANGE they will..and they usually do, wether or not i want them to go in that direction;

unrequited love, old boyfriend gets married, etc.


Sometimes i feel that i am just meant to be single and can be satified with that. I am 41..i've been told a lot lately i look 29 or 30 i do take good care of myself by watching what i eat & i do exercise, always dress up, do my hair, etc. so i haven't let myself go or anything!!!!!!!! I am just a bit on the shyer side and am not a bar or club gal...and yes i tried online dating TWICE it just wasn't me!!!!!!!!!!


Then of course there are the days where i think about finding the love of my life and having a baby to love and raise. I guess being its Valentine's Day today i am feeling more like i may never find the one!




I would love to know what everyone thinks about there life path and when did you know things were going to go your way..did you have to TRY, see signs leading you towards something, have deep Faith, etc????


I believe in God and i do believe that when things are meant to be, they just are..regardless of what we do or say!



Thanks in advance for your responses

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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