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I'm not loosing it am I?


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My boyfriend complained today that we haven't been having alot of "sexy" talk lately this past semester, nearly for a year.


He goes to school 6 hrs away but comes down every few weeks or so. When it first started, I would crave it constantly and that'd be like all I thought about.


Now, we've been together for 2 yrs in March and I don't have as much free time as I used to. I have a heavier class load, I have to study more, work, and I've picked up modeling and I've been thinking of alot of other things, like getting a bird, moving into an apartment etc.


My desire for my boyfriend doesn't go away. Before I felt like if we didn't do that sexy talk, he'd loose interest in me. Now I feel like we don't have to have it.


Even before I had sex and was horny ALL the time, I didn't get that much of a kick out of masturbating. It doesn't really do much for me.


Even when we did the sexy talk in the past and I'd get really aroused I don't think I actually really came, I was just getting more stimulated through thoughts.


I've been having ALOT of sexy dreams lately though, sometimes my boyfriend is in them and sometimes he isnt.


It seems like ever since we haven't been doing the sexy talk much though when ever he comes down the sex is just better and BETTER. Like we have it for the first time in awhile and it's amazing, and after that the more the better I can't get enough.


It's like without him, I can't really get there. Of course when we had ALOT of sexy talk, we'd make videos. I'm a very visual person, we don't have the videos now.


Before I'd be able to get off on thoughts alone, and now it's like I can't do that. I need him.


When he's here the sex is over the top FANTASTIC though.


Whats the deal?


Other than me being alot more busy, nothing has really changed. Nothing has changed in our relationship either, except it feels its getting better.


And I'm not so needy/jealous etc. I will never completely get over that though, I crave more of emotional attention vs sexual attention when he's away now, and when he's here I can't get enough sex.



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I guess it's just weird because I went from thinking about sex constantly all the time being horny, and now it's like its not a big deal when he is away.


I don't have tooo many urges.


But when he's here, I feel the need to jump him.

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maybe ur past the first stages of ur relationship, and now ur attached to him. Not having many urges for sex when hes not there and wanting to jump him when he is... that sounds perfect. Thats the way things should be i think .


As for not being able to masturbate anymore, and needing him, thats normal too. My girlfriend has told me that, and so has my old FWB, tho she got too attached to me...


So no you are not loosing it. GL on your apartment!

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I went through a very similar situation when I was in college and my g/f was 1000 miles away (Tucson to Dallas). We had phone sex a lot in the early stages and only occasionally the longer we stayed together. Toward the end it was almost awkward to have phone sex because we had been with each other so much in person when I would come home to visit.

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It's never akward to have phone sex with him, and he's only 350 miles from me part time.


We have 4 months for summer, 5 weeks for x-mas and all the other breaks to see him as much as I want.


As I've grown closer to him and not so needy and been alot more busy, I don't feel the need to do phone sex as much. I look more forward for him to come so we could do it for real.

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