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what kind of books do you like reading?


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Do you like all kind of books? Do you naturally gravitate on specific subjects?


In my life I have mostly read


1)Philosophy books

2)Ancient Greek tragedies

3)Biographies (of people and businesses)

4)Music and art because I'm a musician


What about you?

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I enjoy reading self-improving books, psychology books, books that open my mind.


I also LOVE Tess Gerritsen. She writes mystery books that involve work in the medical field. She's a retired physician, so her books are really interesting. I recommend her to anyone who enjoys mystery books =)

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I don't read anything but classics. I'm a major snob when it comes to literature. I've stuck to classics since I was a kid. Well, i went through a mystery murder phase, but that ended at the 3rd book by that patricia cornwell woman.



I've branched out and read a bunch of different philosophy texts, but to be honest, they're starting to be really wearing. It's probably because I'm currently taking a philosophy class for school, so with the deadlines and essays, it's becoming a pain.



Anyway, I've always been curious about greek tragedies. Would you recommend something for me? =)

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Anyway, I've always been curious about greek tragedies. Would you recommend something for me? =)


I think "Oedipus" by Sophocles is one of the most famous ones


I've also liked "Ifigeneia"


Please note they are dramatic...I love the language, it's so over the top and there's wisdom in the writings. Clearly though not much of happy endings!

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I go through phases, but there are some genres that I gravitate to over and over again.


- Non fiction works on anthropology, history, religion and culture

- books on war and conflict and development

- Politics and technology

- food

- exploration and travel

- Classics and poetry

- Fiction that takes me to another place or time, and centers around character development


Pretty much I'll read anything but Mystery novels tend to bore me. Romance too.

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I used to like self-help when I was 14, but expanded to psychology because it's got more evidence based ground. Afterwards, I became more interested practiced knowledge such as CEO's advice and their early struggles.


I can never understand the allure of fictions.


Once in awhile, I dive myself into politics & health, but my main focus is CEO authors.

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I've always been into fantasy books, and I go through phases with other stuff. I had a phase when I was young when I loved reading the classics, then another phase when I loved reading fictional stories about native americans or pre-columbian america. Lately I've been into darker books.

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