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I'm actually sorta scared with how fast things are going.


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Sorry how long this is.


Some of you know that I've recently posted about I girl I like and how she wanted to take things slowly cause we didn't know each other to well so I was fine with that and we hung out on Saturday and things went really well and we clicked. So yesterday I went back to college for an induction day and I was texting her and at the end of every text she put : - ) and I thought it was weried cause she never texts that to anyone.


So today we're both back at college and before lessons started I went and sat with her at the "Student Lounge" and she said to me how was your "Most boring day of college" yesterday (I text her at the end of that day saying that) and she gave me like a cheeky smile so I laughed and she did too. So we're sitting there for about 5mins and some of our friends come over and they started talking about girls like how "hot and "fit" they are and this sorta stops us from talking cause I'm not the type to talk about a girl like that and she looked proper bored outta her skull and she kept looking at me so anyway about 10mins into my friends convosation she leans like right accross the table and says "Hey weren't you gonna show me the videos of us playing at the festival" (We're both musicians) and I said yeah I will do when we're around some computers (I guess that was her sign for lets get outta her) so 10mins later she gets up and leaves and says she's going for a walk so I went with her and the rest of my friends came is well and we're all walking in a line and I said "Hey this is like the 7 dawfs!" and that stopped her in her tracks just laughing and after a while we started walking again and we went through this set of doors and just stopped and turned round at this door and our bodies were almost touching and she said "I never realised this door was so heavy" and I was like "Ok, but we walk through these doors god knows how many times a day". So we walked to this computer room (So I could show her the videos) and sat down at a computer and I typed in my password and she was playing with the computer mouse and without looking I almost put my hand on hers and she just said sorry about it. Afterwards we were just talking about our music groups and she says "If there's any songs with Sax or Clarinet in it I'll play for you" (she said this about 3 times before).


So lessons started and we went our separate ways and after college I text her saying we thought of some songs with Sax in them and she text back "That's great! : - )" and I texted her afterwards saying that she looked sad in the student lounge and she text back saying "Yea I'm fine thankyou, just a bit tired".


So anyway I just find this strange how she said lets go slow now she's getting close and physical with me.


I haven't been in a relationship for like 4 years (My ex really ruined me) and I'm just a bit "Woa" at the moment.

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I don't see anything wrong in the conversations here..she getting a little closer to you because you are ok with taking it a bit slow=she feels relaxed. But I don't see anything to be worried about. Then again maybe it was different "live".

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