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why do we make fools of ourselves


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im a grown woman, intelligent. so why oh why have i made a fool of myself??


chatting to a guy online,neva met him. Yet because he didnt answer my emails that day, I found myself sending more, i looked like a bunny boiler.Now he deleted me and I still found myself sending just one more email!!! Told him I was sorry and not normally like me.,which it isnt.


Anyway feel a fool, and yet I think I did it because he showed interest, like i was clinging to this invisible hope..


Wont make same mistake ever again, be nice if he would accept that I'm not a bunny boiler, dont no why i did it.


I meet new people all the time, have dated.. but been on my own for 3 yrs now,,is there any decent guys left!!!!


Old cliche,, im pretty, cant understand why im alone..why are the only men who chat either have wives or girlfriends.. not sure if i should have posted here.


thanks for reading x

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thanks guys for cheering me up.


I did send one final apology. which will probably read as...defo stalker/bunny boiler


the more you try to put it right, the worse it looks.Good job he does'nt know where i live lol..

I've said sorry and deleted his contacts, nothing else I can do..no fool like an old fool

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haha.. i think he as already blocked me


sad thing is im a nice person, but he'll never get to know that.,all he sees is bunny boiler


Maybe he thinks im loopy, I must've looked not quite normal..But to delete me.. no need lol


I am geniunely sorry and wish i hadn't done what i have, quite ashamed of myself really

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dont consider myself weird or obsessive... got a little lost i'd say..


I know i won't contact again, nor will i look for him online


I've said what i wanted to and i know he will prob see it differently, but like i have said previously I am sorry and wish I could take back those emails

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We make fools of ourselves because in our mind sets we are always thinking that perhaps the person we are meant to be with is the next person we meet, and it might be that way. Life in uncertain.


When we meet someone we like or who think is interested we want to be the person they are "looking" for as well, and I think that's why we act silly sometimes. There is no way of knowing unless we take a chace right?


I know that there have been times when we do things and we regret them almost right away but we do them anyway.


Regarding your question about decent guys, yes I believe that there are still good guys left but like a fellow ENA memeber said "they are not so easy to spot or find".


I know you have been alone for some time but don't let that make you desperate to where you are going to be chasing aorund any guy who seems to be interested. I hate to sound cliche but if you are meant to be with someone they will come along when the time is right.


Stay strong and best of luck...

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I know i won't contact again, nor will i look for him online


He may look for you however...


Sometimes its hard knowing when to stop something but you learn to restrain yourself after burning your fingers a few times.


I'm not sure about 'cher'. I was thinking more like 'don't worry, be happy' by bob marley.

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thank you to all of you for your comments

and so true, I realised once i hit the send button..nothing will stop me feeling a total idiot and I dont normally go for a guy because he shown interest..feel like I was at a low, if that makes any sense, clinging yes and hoping


Only now after its too late do i see what a fool and idiot I've made of myself. My only hope now would be that if or when he reads it that I dont totally convince him I'm a pyscho..


Another lesson in life as been learnt..

Sad part is,now afterwards that if someone had emailed me or left msgs like I have.. I too would have deleted the person.


Thanks again guys and giving me hope.. that there is always light at end of the tunnel..my hope is that he does'nt think im a stalker and decide to take it step further. because i know in my heart of hearts that i will never contact or look for this person again.

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