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I don't know what to say to this guy without being a mug.

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I dated this guy a year ago for a while. We got on well really liked each other, but he had an ex girlfriend in the wings the whole time. We ended it really badly and he went back out with his ex girlfriend. They went out for a year and we never spoke during that time. Now they broke up and he's suddenly made contact with me. And when i asked why he said cos he was a bad guy before and he just wanted to chat again cos i'm a nice girl. I said i didn't know what to say and he said fine lets leave it it seems people can't be friendly now a days. OMG I just feel so shocked and second rate.

i've said: "dont try and make me feel bad saying stuff like that. things ended horribly with us and you don't talk to me for a year and try and make it right and now all of a sudden you want to talk typically now your single? im not a mug at least be straight with me and dont be rude to me."

he's replied "forget it, waste of time. Yea i screwed you over, its not like i do it all the time and im just sorry i did it to you when you where genuinely a nice person. Ive been single for awhile now so dont make out that i just got back in touch for that. Just so happens that i obviously saw you at last night, felt bad because i got afew evils and was gonna say sorry face to face."


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