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is this weird or am i being silly


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I just got a raise at my job and i had to swap up days that i worked.


Well my first night im working with this girl i never seen before. she is kinda shy at first, but we worked together for 12 hours so by the end she was being really nice and friendly.


we get off and she looks me up on myspace and friend requests me.


next night, she does not hesitate to come up to me and talk, and after 12 hours we were both comfortable with talking to each other.


we get off and she messages me on myspace. we talk for a bit then she starts telling me how she likes me and everything.


well i dont know very much about her, but she seemed really nice, helpful, and caring during the 24 hours we worked together. not to mention she is pretty. so i admit to these things and we talked for a really really long time.


is it just me or is it weird to know someone a total of 24 hours and be opening up like that? she didnt do anything like drastic, like a stalker or obsessed, but she did go into details. she just said she took a chance and said she was glad after i told her how i felt.


or am i just being silly and need to just take her out and see how it goes? im not used to this, only the 2nd time in my life a girl just flat out tells me how she feels. she wanted to know how i felt and what i was thinking.


the only concern i have is i think she might been single for a while, i wonder if im just someone so she isnt alone. it wont be anything serious and will be a waste of time.



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Sometimes you just click with someone; there's nothing wrong with that. And even if she has been single "too long" in your eyes, doesn't mean there's anything wrong with her or that she wants to hang out with you out of sheer desperation.


There is a downside to dating coworkers, because if it doesn't work out it really sucks to have to see them all the time. But if the simple fix exists that one of you could change shifts in the event it doesn't work out, go for it!


I dated one guy for a while that I worked in the same building with. It sucked when we weren't seeing each other anymore but I still had to see him, luckily only ran into him once every week or two.


And where I work now, a friend of mine was dating another guy who also worked with us. Fortunately he left a few months back, because she just now found out he was cheating on her. Can you imagine the drama if both of them still worked at the same place? Not to mention everyone at work doesn't like him now because of what he did to her. There would be some serious tension going on, all because 2 coworkers decided to date.


My dad even had a problem with this when he hired a married couple, who still worked together (for a while) at his small business while they were going through their divorce. Everything is all fine & dandy when the relationship is ok, when it's not... oh boy!

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If she has been single for a long time, and she is pretty, and cool, and nice.... that is the OPPOSITE of desperation. She has self-respect.


That's true in some cases, but not always. Sometimes it's because other guys who know here better know something he doesn't. Also, I don't see self-respect when she's already crushing on him after only knowing him a couple of shifts.

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ty car chick


she wants me to come hang out today, so we will see what she has planned.


i have already been very honest with what i am willing to do and what im not.


I keep telling her not to expect too much with me, i think she is getting into this too fast.

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