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  1. Been with my girlfriend for 2 years 8 months My dad lives with me until he can afford/find a house I asked my girlfriend to move in but she says she feels really uncomfortable with my dad living there. Mostly because of privacy. Ex: can't walk around naked or without a bra. Have to be quiet during sex I completely understand and agree those things suck. But I also feel being together every day would out weigh those cons. Lots of pros of us living together. She hates every apartment she has. She complains money is tight. She complains if I don't come see her every day I'm off of wo
  2. You might be right but I don't think it's greener syndrome. The coworker isn't as nice and as easy to get along with as my girlfriend. Doesn't look as good at my girlfriend. She's not as loving/romantic and she's 13 years older. And i definitely don't care about challenges. I don't like chasing I feel it should be pretty mutual But I too have thought it might just be the fact i feel she never gave it a real attempt and I think maybe I wonder what it would have been like I just want it to go away and stop and idk how. It's been years ☹️
  3. Definitely. So I shouldn't be worried? It's been years but it will eventually go away? I don't have a problem being faithful. I just feel a little guilty/stupid for thinking about another woman. Especially when I'm very happy
  4. I liked a co-worker and we seen each other outside of work for around 8 months. She never let it get serious. I've liked(find attractive, think about) her for the past 4 years. When she wouldn't let it get serious I moved on. I seen a girl for 3 months. After that ended, I've been with my girlfriend for 10 months now. I'm happy. She's awesome. I love her. She does have some flaws like being insecure but I've never doubted her or how I feel about her The problem is for some reason I still think about that co-worker. Not every day. Not in a romantic way. She just crosses my mind. And about
  5. you guys are right. i just wish i understood why the sudden flip of a switch? literally a couple hours before we were trying to pick the hotel for reservation. if this was a planned thing why would she be at my house? if it wasnt planned how could she really believe i want someone so far away? or what else could be why? the worst part of a breakup for me, and the reason i had given up dating was all these unanswered questions. i never understand or see the logical reasoning of why they leave. they just suddenly leave with no good explanation
  6. you may be right, but its crazy because that sounds nothing like her. i had given up on dating but i wanted to try with her because she seemed the complete opposite of most women ive encountered. she spent 9 years with her ex. she has always said she doesnt give up easy. but this just seems like her giving up too easy? just doesnt make sense :(
  7. were 28, been together 5 months. she spends at least half the month at my house. everything has been almost perfect. i have a son from a previous partner whom she and i split when he was about a year old. so he has no memories of us being together. he doesnt even understand when he brought up something and i tried to explain to him. my mom and dad did the same. my mom held on to some pictures of us as a family and when i turned 18 she gave them to me. so i thought i would hold onto all the pictures i had of us as a family and do the same for him. if he chose to not look, or delete them,
  8. Very well said. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply. Her history of having a long relationship is a lot of why I made this. I want to do everything I can to make sure we give it our best shot Thanks again
  9. Saying or thinking they love in the infatuation period(like first couple of months) Her saying she wished we could cuddle and kiss and then saying she feels more but it would have to wait. What else could she feel considering we hadn't even spent any time alone/out side of work? I've heard so many people saying things like "I think they could be the one" and then the next week they are single Or say they love their significant other and then 2 weeks later saying they love a new significant other But I guess there's really nothing I can do. Just run if that happens I guess lol
  10. Im not sure if you guys are right and I'm completely wrong or if perhaps I didn't do a good job explaining things. I'm worried about her having feelings too fast and both your responses say the opposite. Which I guess if you guys are right I have nothing to worry about. I'm certainly not waiting on her or holding out for her. I'm not invested at all. She's made all the moves so far so I don't feel she's trying to be just friends and use me. Like I said she's got a huge selection of guys to choose from. It's not like it's just me or me and another guy I'm not in any hurry to date anyo
  11. about 6 months ago she broke up with her boyfriend of 9 years. they were together from 18 to 27. shes 28. so basically the only serious relationship she has had. we started talking and i was worried about how she just got out of a 9 year relationship. ive witnessed her getting hit on a lot, by many guys. so im not the first to come along but i still want to try and be as smart as possible. i dont want to just be the first guy who came along she was half way attracted to and she dove in without giving much time or thought. she told me how long ago she broke up with him and how she wants to
  12. We're co-workers. We help each other and talk/make conversation every day. I did something sweet for her and she was very thankful. Another co-worker noticed it and was talking to her about it and eventually asked the girl if she liked me. The girl just smiled real big but didn't answer. I assume if she had a boyfriend she would have just answered with that. I assume if it was no she would have just said. Fair to assume that or good chance I'm wrong? Anyways so the day before my week vacation I gave her my number. I know it's not the best move but it's what I did. I assume she has to re
  13. prior to this girl i had only had 1 girlfriend and when i started seeing her she never pressured me for sex or tried for it. i never mentioned i wanted to wait or was a virgin or anything. so with this new girl i didnt say anything either. i was also naive and didnt think she would initiate sex so fast. especially because she was an older woman, our large age gap, her being married most of her life and just the type of person she displays herself as. prior to her attempt i was sleeping over and cuddling(clothed) and i never made any moves such as grabbing her butt or boobs. i could be wron
  14. I can only go based on what she has told me and what others have told me. She supposedly only been with 1 man. Married young and divorced like 2 years before we met. She could be getting sex from someone but I don't think she dates. She is insecure despite getting hit on all the time. I'm guessing your right about how she took it. But it still makes it odd that she continued to see me for months afterwards. Granted no more sleepovers She never was a fan of our age gap but she knew about it before starting. And I'm sure that played a part in why she took the no sex so personal and deep.
  15. I can understand how waiting for love might appear long or not ideal. And maybe that's not the only way I would but when she tried it just caught me off guard. I just felt it was too soon. Even tho it had been a month or 2 we had not really spent a lot of time during that period due to work and kids. With my first I fell fast because i was obviously inexperienced in dating and love but also we literally spent almost every single day together. Her hearing "I don't have feelings for you" or strong enough feelings etc could have hurt the situation however she literally broke down balling.
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