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feeling lost...need advice


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This is my first post...Ty for reading...


My boyfriend and I broke up yesterday. We've been together for 3 years. The first year and a half was good. The 2nd half of our relationship was rocky. We had our good times and our bad times. We've been through some really tough times together...moving to 2 states and being homeless twice.


We will stay living together as roommates because of our financial situation. He said we need each other...not want. Right now, I am feeling that it is better to have him this way than not at all...that is what my heart says. My mind is so mad at what he said to me.


I don't know what to do. I know that he is talking to someone else and he will eventually decide to leave. My heart is broken and it seems like there is nothing in this world that can fix it. I don't have any family and I don't have friends...only a casual aquaintance from work that I talk too. I decided to go to church tomorrow for spiritual guidance.


I've been through so much emotionally that I just feel so dry and used up. There is nothing left of me even if I ever wanted to be in another relationship. I wish that I had a friend to talk to help me through this. I feel so damn alone.


So, if anyone can give me some sage wisdom I would appreciate it. :sad:

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why did you break up>?


talking to a co worker might help u feel better get it off your chest.. if there anyone that u feel comfortable talking about it... maybe try to make friends with a co worker.. just go for a coffee or sumthing...


it be hard to stay living with someone if your not getting back together

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If he is unwilling to fight for you and work it out, there is simply nothing you can do


Your best bet is to just start getting past him so once you guys no longer need each other financially you will be pretty much over him.


Its really messed up when they start talking to someone while in a relationship. Once its all done and over with and he sees the mistake he made he will always regret it. Hopefully u dont take him back and he does not do it again to the next girl.

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Don't ever say that you have nothing to offer for the next relationship, because the way I see it, you are a very strong person and I know that someone will also see how much you have to give.


There is quite a difference between "need" and "want" the way I see it. If someone really loves you, than those two words should be synonymous; want and need should just be one and one the same. It is obvious that he is just using you for his material needs and neglecting you emotionally as a person. That isn't love and the way I see it, the longer this prolongs, the more broken-hearted you will become.


Now I can only imagine how difficult it is in your particular situation, since you are dependent on each other financially. But my advice to you right now is that you must find a way to close that link off yourself independently. Try contacting emergency agencies and shelters if housing is an immediate issue. Once you see that you can manage your financial life independently, you can break it off and move on without looking back. You will feel strong and independent. You don't need him anymore. You are a powerful woman and the way your life is headed is totally under your control.


I wish you all the best. Don't give up the faith.

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I just feel so dry and used up.


I'm sorry you feel this way, it is a horrible feeling.


Where are your family? Maybe you could try share accommodation instead.


What do you do for a living? It comes in handy to have a full time job during times like these as it will provide ample distraction. Also, church or another community group is a good idea.

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