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Met this guy...first time I talked to him, I recognized he was a player...so I ran. But fast forward a couple of weeks, somehow we get in contact on the phone. I've been talking to him for about 5 days now. I can see he's a player. I can see it...alarm bells are going off in my head like crazy. I am stressed, anxious, tense, fearful, depressed already....and I've only known him for 5 days!!


I have an abusive past where I was mistreated badly by men and others so I am very sensitive. Yesterday, he and I met up for the first time and we made out (which I enjoyed). But I can't let it go further than that. I worked too hard to get healthy and I'm too good for this.


I need to distance myself. Yet I feel sad because I am the soft-hearted, very kind, easily attached kind. It's a recipe for disaster.


Please...tips on getting away. I can't do this to myself. Meaning I cannot sleep with him and I cannot care.


I also sense some signs of posessiveness and control...even though he's into keeping it casual. What's up with that!!


Please give me some support and encouragement.

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