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A blow off??


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I met this girl just over 3 weeks ago. We hit it off and two really good dates, hung out with a mutual friend together and I have seen her once at her work. After our mutual hang out with friends we chatted and set up a 3rd date. 2 days later (Last tuesday) i get a text saying Hey sorry Thursday wont work for me. I am overwhelmed with school right now. This last month is crunch time. I texted back saying No worries I understand. Timing is off. I rather enjoyed spending time with you and would enjoy seeing you again. So do call me when things arent so crazy for you. Keep in Touch. She texted back I did too, I will for sure. Have a good week.


The next day she texted me and there has been about 10 texts exchanged over the last week. Mostly initiated from me. I feel though if i didnt text she wouldnt either. Just curious if this is worth my time re asking for a third date or completely just waiting till she initiates contact with me.


Thanx for the help!!!!

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