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Boys confuse me to no end....


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I've been talking to this guy for a few months now. At first i didn't like him too much, but the more we talked and hung out the more I began to like him. It's pretty obvious we have a thing for each other. And he grabbed my phone the last time we were together and saw a text I sent to a friend of mine saying how much I liked this guy and why we can't just be together.


It's quite frustrating, he knows I like him, I know he likes me.....why are we not together? LOL. I do know he's going through some financial situations and may not want to be in a relationship right now because he can't "provide" the way he wants to (he didn't say that really, but I catch on pretty quick most times).


He did not say anything about me liking him, I even went as far as to tell him "I like you, and I don't want anyone but you" lol. But nothing seems to be going anywhere. And I hate that he doesn't say what's on his mind....but what guy does. I'm guessing if he didn't like me, he'd stop talking to me after he found out. Ummmmm any ideas??? lol

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If a guy wants you, he will go out of his way to be with you. This is especially true if he knows the fact that you do like him.


However, if you come on too strongly and re-enforce the fact that you like him, this can be seen as being unattractive (or needy as they say).

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Maybe he wants to appear chaste. Maybe he doesn't know how to take it to the next level. I know many people think these things just come naturally, but for some people they don't. They are constantly worried about doing the wrong thing and trying to figure out the proper etiquette and protocol to follow.

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It sounds like you are together. The difference between men and women are that we don't need to verbalize things to understand the way they are - where women need for some reason to have things verbalized and signed in blood to mean anything.


I don't see the problem. You like eachother - whoopee. Just because he isn't writing you love letters doesn't mean he isn't into you. Stop overthinking everything.

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