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she says she love me but i don't


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Why is it so hard for me to break up with my gf? i wanted to break up with her two months ago. everytime i look at her and try to say it she tells me she loves me. i care about her but i know she is not the one. i feel quilty for not telling her but it's really hard for me. i also want to explore my obtions and get married someday but not to her. alot of times i do stuff to make her mad so she will leave but she never does. i think it's mostly because i take care of her financially. i can't stand it anymore i want to be with someone smart and independent.

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I read some of your previous posts; it sounds like you haven't ever really liked her that much. Honestly... you just kinda do it. You've been together like 6 months right? She will get over it, especially if she is mainly staying with you for your inheritance like you suspect. Tell her you need to have a talk & you don't feel like it is working out. You want to break up & wish her the best of luck in the future. Then help her pack.


Breakups are always painful, but if you are the one who wants to end it, you feel so much better getting out after you've felt trapped for so long. The day you break up is very difficult. The next week still is no picnic, and after a couple weeks or so... life is good.

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Not a good strategy to become a bad guy just to avoid being the bad guy.


People break up all the time. If finances are the thing you feel guilty about, bribe her to move on. Make her a hotel reservation for the weekend you want her out, then that morning feed her a good breakfast and tell her the relationship isn't working for you. Give her first and last month's rent for an apartment, the keys to the hotel room and a public storage unit for a month, and tell her the movers will be there in a half hour to help her move her stuff.


If it requires more of a payoff than that to help you feel better, then be generous--but don't cave. You never get any wasted time back, and neither does she.


In your corner.

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