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Should I go to the concert?


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So me and my girlfriend have been dating a little while, and she has an all-state chorus concert coming up later on today.


I had planned to go to it, and she was so excited about me going. But then her and her mother got in a huge argument, not fully sure of what happened, but apparently I was pulled into it somehow, and now she tells me not to go because if her mom sees me she will s*** a brick, asked her again yesterday and she just says not to go and we'll just have to wait until her mother cools down until we can really do anything. (I go to college an hour and a half away, freshman)

But this is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity for her (She's a senior) and I don't want to miss seeing her just because of her mother being in a hostile mood.


I still want to see her perform, even if I don't get to see her afterwards, so I'm thinking of going to it, and just being inconspicuous and hiding out and watching the show and then leaving after wards. Besides, I also don't want to give out the "I'm whipped and will do what you ask of me, yes Master I shall stay in my dorm" vibe haha


Of course I would tell her (later) that I went and that she did wonderful, but wouldn't go and congratulate her after wards so that way I would not run into her parents.


What does everyone here think I should do?

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I say you should go, your dating her and not her mother so dont let HER mother influence your relationship. I'll give you three options of what I do...


Go anyway, watch her from somehwere and jsut admire her talent (ill bet shes really good and then you can text her right after sayin that you though she did great... but dont try to run into her, just let her know that you were there because you cared about seeing HER


Go to the concert but make no effort to hide (your not doing anythign wrong by being there) tell her that you are at the concert becuase you care about her daughter and you dont wanna let anythign come between you and her...


And thirdly (and this is the option I think you shoudl do personally) is go to the concert and talk to her mom, straighten things out, tell her mom that you dont kwon what was said but that you appologize and that you really do care about her daughter... a mom cannot be mad at a boy that goes out of his way to appologize,



the point is , that a simple argument should not dictate the relationship you have with this girl, out the effort in if you think its really worth it .



cheers and good luck

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Hmm, yea well her mom is bi-polar.

And the argument wasn't about me. Her mom from what I've gathered loves me. But just those two got in an argument and I was somehow thrown into it. Believe it was probably along the lines of "well you're not doing in school because of him" or "Well why couldn't you work on this over the weekend? Oh yes cause you were with him" etc.


I would love to go and talk to the mom if it was something about me, but it's kind of about her and me just thrown in there... so it's sort of if I went and talked to her mother it might fuel her mom to go out on her even more...


I believe I'll text her and let her know I'm going and that I'm just not going to go up to her and everything after wards and then when she's done text her how wonderful she did. And if things are ok with the mother and the sort then I'll head up to her. But if not then I'll just head out.


Not going to try to avoid the mother, but not going to seek her out either.


Thanks to everyone for your advice Hope it works out well!

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