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Same fradulent man on Match.com

winter whiteout

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I posted here about a month ago when I joined link removed and I was IM with a man who ended up being a fraud. In the end he told me he was in working in Africa but lives in my hometown. I asked him to name the surrounding suburbs around the town he lives in and a street close to where he lives and he disconnected. He was saying before that his son was upset because his playstation broke and he could not find one where he was and that is when I asked where he was looking because there are a ton of places he could get it from. That is when he said he was in Africa. Maybe if I kept it going I would have found out what he really wanted. But today I was emailed my matches and he was one of them. He originally deleted his profile when I started to talk to him because he said he wanted to delete it because he was happy talking to me (first reg flag) but I did submit a fraud claim on Match but his profile came up again so I called the link removed 800# and reported him. The woman I spoke thanked me for calling in and they would investigate and want all possilble frauds reported to them. I hope they do take it serious. But I wanted to tell you all out there to be careful when you do OLD.

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10 Ways to Spot an Online Scam


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