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Want to lose weight - Cardio and Weights or just Cardio?

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it is when you are 5 feet tall.

besides i was joking.

anyway--i also wasnt suggesting she start crossfit.

different programs are right for different people.


I failed to take hieght into consideration sorry..Still doesn't seem that bad to me though..Agreed different programs are right for different people.. Just find something you like and stick to it..

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Before I forget - to the original poster:


In case you don't know, and only if you're willing to spend the money on it; there are pills out there offered by weight loss firms like LA Weight Loss, Herbal Magic, etc that will essentially assist you in losing weight by breaking down some of the bad substances in your food (increased sodium disolving, blocking sugars, etc etc). They may be worth it for your final 16 pounds. These 16 pounds may come slower for you as you're already at a decent weight.


Again goodluck, and please keep us updated!

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^^^ Are there pills like that that will not affect blood pressure? I used to take fat burning pills when I was younger but not now.


Thanks again everyone!


i don't think they are referring to fat burning pills, more or less pills that bind to fat you eat instead. i don't recommend any of those pills.


instead, try eating pickles and tomatoes with things like sandwiches. they help destroy some of the bad fat/calories in food.

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i eat a lot of chicken, some rice, fish (tuna), some beans, etc. just keep it lean.


currently, i do around an hour of cardio a day. 20 mins treadmill, 30 mins bike, sometimes 20 on stairmaster, or i'll finish up with some more bike. it's my favorite.

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I don't normally want to come off rude - but that is totally incorrect. Lets say for example her daily recommended caloric intake was 1500. Lets also say she was exercising 500 calories off per day. She can essentially eat 2000 calories per day and stay at the same range as she was at the beginning. Anything less, and she's losing weight.


So if she keeps her caloric intake the same as normal and adds the exercise she will lose weight quite quickly. Of course this is a VERY simplistic analogy, but its not rocket science.


Good luck to the OP! You can do it!


I don't want to appear rude but you have completely misunderstood what I've said!

You would have to dance for 10 hrs non-stop to burn a pound of fat right? As the body can dance for 10hrs on a pound of fat. What I said was, that if you exercise and burn off 500 calories very few people are able to resist the hunger pangs this will bring. Their bodies will be telling them to replenish the carolies they have used. So, yes, if you do have the will power to resist the hunger pangs of course you will lose weight. But how many of us can?

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i understood what you were saying.


if you eat the same, any additional fitness you add WILL promote weight loss. now, learning to curb that eating is where it will really show. if you want it, you have to go and get it. i don't think that is what the OP is asking. i think she has the will power because she wants to do it so badly.

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i recommend looking at this website:

link removed


it will help you establish a rough estimate of how many calories you burn on a rest day, or a working day, and it even has a list of activities that will provide you with an estimate of how many calories they burn.


1lb of fat=3500 calories. Everyday your body burns X amount of calories. With diet you can create a deficit. And with exercise you can increase that deficit and get maximum results.

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Ghost - I have tentative plans for a date. If I don't hear from him early enough, I WILL definitely go to the gym. I do have my gym clothes and tenni's in the car so I am really hoping that he doesn't call til after gym time.


EQD - Thank you much! That will be really helpful!

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Exercise is great for getting and staying fit, but time and again research has shown if you really want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to change your diet.


You can peel off 15 lbs. quickly in a low carb diet. switch to more protein and cut out most carbs and the weight will be gone really quickly.


Start your exercise program to help keep it off, but look at your diet closely and see if you're eating too many carbs (especially junk food) and eliminate most of the junk food from your diet and you'll keep it off.


Most of the people i know who can't seem to lose that last 10-15 lbs. are high carb eaters.

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^^ Been working on that diet. Going okay except today - we had a pitch in. I didn't eat a TON but overdid it a little.


Went to the gym Friday evening afterall.


Sunday Sweatin to the Oldies at home. lol - Funny how that used to seem like a workout years ago. I also went to a park and walked for awhile that afternoon.


And the gym yesterday - eliptycal (sp) for 30 minutes plus weights. Felt great.


It's going to be the nicest day here today so I think I'll walk outdoors and just be sure to get to gym tomorrow. (Gotta let my kiddo's get some sun!)

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lol. when you gain muscle mass you gain 'weight'

i went from 113 to 125 in two months doing crossfit.

Yes i lost fat, but the muscle gain counteracted that and then some. the result was that i was a beast.


She is absolutely right,,,I used to body build...muscle weighs more than fat..so when you lift weights you gain weight...but you will be smaller and more compact with less fat...You will also look much better and burn fat at a faster rate...Muscle uses calories just to maintain itself, whereas fat needs nothing to maintain itself..If you weigh 130 lbs in a size 7 and have very little muscle you will be flabby with no tone to your body..but you can weight 140 with a lot of muscle and be in a size 3-5 and be tone and sexy...

As for being a beast equestriandynamo...lol... you may be like me and gain muscle easily...most women have to really work at it to get a fair amount of muscle..

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I've lost 50 lbs since July, so I have a bit of an idea of what I'm talking about


The ONLY thing that's important when trying to lose weight is DIET, DIET, DIET. An hour of the most intense exercise will not burn more than 700 Calories. On the other hand, 10 minutes of eating a Big Mac, large fries, and large coke will put over 1000 into your body. Exercise will help you burn some of those Calories, but if they're not there in the first place, then the exercise is unnecessary. Essentially, exercise is used when you've eaten too much.


Now, that's not to say that exercise doesn't have its own merits. It's great for your health, ie: cardio, strength, etc... but as far as weight's concerned, it really isn't necessary.


As far as what kind of diet you want, the only thing that works is counting Calories. What you do is either read the labels on packaging, or go to a website like link removed where they have pretty much everything, and for a few weeks, you write out every single thing you've eaten, and how many Calories there are in it. A rough rule is to try and aim for about 1800 a day for men, and 1600 a day for women. Those numbers are a bit low, but that way, if you overshoot a bit, you're still fine. Once you've done it for a few weeks, you'll be able to estimate the calorie content of everything you eat, so you can just do it all in your head. After a month or two of doing it in your head, it'll be so ingrained that you don't even have to think about it, you'll just be eating fewer calories. Your body will know what to eat subconsciously.


When counting Calories, the nutritional value of what you eat really isn't important. Hell, you could be eating cookies all day, as long as you eat the proper amount of Calories, you'll still lose weight. Although I would recommend taking a multi-vitamin if your diet isn't all too healthy.


And finally, if you really want to do exercise, I would recommend using weight training exclusively. Once you start getting to heavier weights, weight training also acts as cardio. Try doing some squats with your own bodyweight, and you'll be breathing as heavily as you ever have. Also, the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism. And once all the fat is gone, it's great to have some nice muscle underneath to really give your body some definition.


Remember, what I wrote here isn't a guide on how to be healthy in every aspect of life, it's how to lose weight. If you want to be healthy, you'll have to make sure to have proper foods in your diet, as well as stretch, do cardio, etc... but in my experience, focusing on weight loss is tough enough without having to take everything else into account.

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Congratulations on your weight loss...that is a REAL accomplishment and no easy task...but if you lose weight without exercising you will lose muscle along with the fat...This is something you DO NOT want to do...muscle burns fat while in the resting state as well as when you are active..OOPS is see you said that....lol.....If you lose muscle you slow your metabolism and you will require less calories to maintain and the weight will have a much easier time of returning.....

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Congratulations on your weight loss...that is a REAL accomplishment and no easy task...but if you lose weight without exercising you will lose muscle along with the fat...This is something you DO NOT want to do...muscle burns fat while in the resting state as well as when you are active..OOPS is see you said that....lol.....If you lose muscle you slow your metabolism and you will require less calories to maintain and the weight will have a much easier time of returning.....


I'm well aware that I'll be losing muscle by not working out, but honestly, I can always build the muscle back up afterwards. Most fat people have plenty of muscle anyway, due to the fact that their bodies have to work harder just to carry around all that extra weight.


I never claimed that this was the healthiest way to lose weight, I just said it was the most effective. Whether other aspects of your health are affected is something else, but as I said earlier. One battle at a time. After your weight is gone, you can worry about getting some muscle back. Especially seeing as how maintaining/increasing muscle mass while losing weight requires an extremely well kept diet, which is very difficult to do. It's much easier to lose the fat first, and then gain the muscle back afterwards.

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