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How to Keep going?


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Ok so I am trying to become more positive and be a happier person. But how do I do it when I get so much rejection and have so much negitivity around me. I start the day off so good and then by the time the day is half over I am down again. Anyone know any good stuff to stop this?

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I know just how you feel. I would be having a pretty good day and then my cell would ring and the ex would ruin the rest of my day. I soon realized that no matter how short I was with her and didn't engage in what she wanted to speak to me about she would continue to call. I learned not to let her control my life and most importantly my moods. I was actually the one that was allowing this to happen.

I had to ask myself exactly what I was upset about after the call. More times than not it was not such a big deal. It seems I talk to myself a lot more these days but hey it works!

There are times where I simply don't answer the call and make her leave a message. If it is important I call back right away, if not I either don't call back at all or wait till the evening when the day is done.

Make this as easy on yourself as possible and you will find what works best for you.

I think I saw a book on dealing with the negative in your life not long ago. If I find it again I will PM you the name.




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