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Why are ex-wives so difficult to deal with when it comes to visitation?


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I'm sorry to hear that you're having these issues. As an "ex-wife" myself I can only say that she is being difficult as a way of hurting you. IMO she believes the only power she has left with/over you are the kids. Again, I'm sorry to hear this.


I personaly have never had these issues, as my ex and I had and still have a great relationship. Not without it's trying moments, but still good.


My advice would be to invite her to coffee..just you and her..and explain to her calmly and honestly that even though the two of you didn't work out that doesn't take away how much you care about your children and that you want to have a healthy loving relationship with them. Assure her that there is no ill will on your end and that TOGETHER the two of you can be amazing parents.


Moral of the story... talking it thru in a calm and rational manner is the only answer. You can't fight fire with fire, so turn down your temperature gage when you're around her.


Good luck!

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It's great advice...sadly, what often happens in cases like this or even in breakups when one person is trying to bait the other person is that rational talk falls on deaf ears because the other person is not interested in being kind and rational, they just want to play games and cause trouble. It takes two to have a harmonious outcome...if one person does and the other person doesn't then there will not be any harmony, just bitterness and resentment and escalation in bad feelings which ultimately get to the point of no return.

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Do you think it is their need to feel in control?


Shouldn't she be getting over herself after 4 yrs of it?


If the good women of this board have had problems with ex husband and visitation rights/issues then feel free to contribute.



in a nutshell, she/he is hurt, 4 and a half years i have been battling in and out of poxy court trying to get a regular stable access to my kids. its a long winded story, but if you hurt her and she is english, you will have to endure her wrath esp if you are getting on with your life!


she is not mature enough to see the bigger picture as to what she is doing to your children.


if i can be of any help please let me know, i am still going through it now


you are not alone on enotalone mate.

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