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All down to Respect?

Why Does He Want To See You In A Bi...
Why Does He Want To See You In A Bikini?

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Me and my Bff have been dating for over a Year. We havnt had the easiest of Relationships by a long shot.


I'm Christian and He's Muslim, so to some degree that has an effect on our Views and Values within the Relationship.


There have been many arguments and Extreme conflicts between us but despite all the Hurt, I know he Genuinely Loves Me. He's done ALOT for me, and has been there for me thru alot.


Recently though, the argueing has become more frequent. I am a Volunteer for the Local Hospital Radio Station (one night a week). I Love it, and it's my passion. But one of the views that also works there a while ago started texting me, not really flirty but its how my bf sees it. I'm not interested in the Guy, I've neevr even touched him & I would never intend to. We both have our own relationships, I think uts just cos hes a Fun guy. and I wish my Boyftiend could believe and Understand that there is nothing going on between us.

It go so worst he forced me to quit my Volunteering because of the guy. But I didnt. Instead I delted the Guy's No, have cut of all contact with him. He then thretaen to go and see ans do stuf with the Girl (Friend) he had flings with before he met me.


I change the Day I did my Voluntary work so I could avoid the Guy, and not see him. Surely thats enough? Is it fair that I should give my Love for Radio up? Although sometimes I think I have too because Im scared he will go back to this other girl.


He hates me being at Radio even though Ive changed my shift and last night I lied to him and went because I was scred he would get mad and leave me


He found out and now hes soo hurt that I lied to him.

He told me how much he loves me but its killing him inside because of the lies.


I Love Him so much and I dont wnat to loose him over all this. What do i do? How do I turn things around? What do i say to him?

Always seems like Im in the wrong and I have to do evrything his way. HELP!!!

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He is controlling.....He is only going to be happy when he controls what you do and when you do it. If you think you will have a solid future with a man like this, (controlling behavior) think again.


Next he will be telling you to cut ties with certain friends, family members. Don't go to work, don't go to the store, don't wear makeup when you are washing clothes at the laundry mat. Things like that.


For him to threaten you with going back to another girl that he used to like to get you to do what he wants is cruel. These are the worst type of men you could ever want to deal with.

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He is very controlling & the sooner you realize that, the better it will be for you. How old are you two if you dont mind me asking?


Threatening to go see another woman and do "stuff" if you dont quit your job? Is he serious?[/QUOTE]



Seriously, this would have warranted a good swift kick to his ass!

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Thanks for all your advice.

I'm 19, hes 23.


I called that Girl a "Slag" and h goes "She's not a slag. She's a good friend of mine, I've known her for years"


I dnt understand why he seems to refer to her all the time?

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He is abusive, threatening you, manipulative & no respect whatsoever.


You should NOT have to hide to go do something good (volunteer). Honey, you are young, this is not healthy relationship. Unless he magically changes & doesn't try to control you then maybe this can work but it doesn't look too good. Save yourself some heartache & headache & leave this guy.

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