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Can it be any worst? Got broken up 2 months ago and just got laid off yesterday


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Hey all,


Just up here to vent. My original thread is here:



Just over 2 months of NC, holding up pretty good. Still have a lot of tough times not thinking about her, but it was getting better. Well, yesterday I got laid off... now everything is coming back. Keep questioning myself, maybe that's why she didn't want to be with me. blah blah blah...


I'm taking a huge hit on my self-esteem and confidence. And it feels worst now because not only now i'm grieving the breakup, but also the lost of a job. What the hell am I gonna do?

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You're going through something that everyone's going through now.


You guys broke up, & you were finally beginning to heal. The economy's bad right now, & you got laid off. So did I & at least a hundred other people on ENA. Don't let that discourage you or affect your life.


You'll eventually find a new job & move on with your life. Don't fall back.

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A lot of people got laid off in my company, and I imagine how I would be devastated if it happened to me now. However, like the girl above just stated, you are NOT alone and this will actually make you stronger!! Don't contact your ex just because you are hurting. Remember to keep NC!! Post here if you need to vent!!

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I went through it last year while dealing w/ a seperation..


Lost my Job - contract was ended because I wasnt in the budget, even though they were bringing me on perm the next week. Got the call on a Sat., on the company cell, walking out the door to take my kids to the zoo..


Lost my apt - Got behind on rent, w/ NO ONE to help me, went thru savings, investments, etc..Had to go back home.


Lost car - because of everything I went thru($)..


The whole time I was looking for a job while on unemployment, which wasnt much.


I thought, "Seriously, * * * is goin on?" Im trying to live life like everyone else. Not causing any trouble..SPlit from my family over drama, and want them back..there were some VERY dark days..


But then I found this site, which in a way saved me from myself at a time when I couldve gave up. And reading about other ppl that were going thru the SAME thing if not worse, gave me a diff outlook. Like I can make it, and it wont be easy, but then again nothing worth having in life is.


So 345, you can get through it, trust me. A big help is not being around negative outlets(news, radio, ppl in general). Make an inspirational playlist for your iPod, itunes or whatever you listen to and burn it to CD. It DEFINITELY helps when you get those neg. thoughts in your head. Even though technically it wont make it go away, and you still have to deal w/ them; But it helps you mentally. Which in reality is where it all starts anyway.


Hit me up on IM if you wanna talk or whatev..peace

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na, you shouldnt, because pain is pain the way I see it..doesnt matter what magnitude, ya know?


Thing is, you found this forum WHILE you're going through it, which will helps ALOT..I found it after the fact. So you're way ahead of me, haha


I look at it now like I went thru SOME if it for a reason, to save me from something or myself, I suppose. Or to teach me something about ppl or stuff I had done wrong.


Its made me a stronger and better person in the longrun, so I kind of embraced it in a weird, twisted way.

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Just keep on keepin' on.


Just like imsoalive I had a terrible year + after my break-up.


took a medical leave of absense and went to an outpatient psych program for 3 weeks

Gained 70 lbs over that year + (Lost 15 lbs of it this year so far)

got fired twice

lived with my parents

Got audited by the IRS

Got diagnosed with a degenerative condition in my right knee (bone on bone)


The funny thing is all that crap happened and it made me a much more determined and strong person.


I know where you are at centrino. It sucks and it kills your self esteem.


My best suggestion is work out and stay active and get involved and pound the payment for a new job.


I took me 2 months to get a job and then 4 months to get a job after my second firing.


Now I'm employed working out every day and losing weight fast. Things are getting better each day.

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Getting laid off in this market says everything about the bad shape of the economy and says nothing bad about you... it happens to so many people these days, even really good workers. Companies just can't afford to carry so many people and it is a business decision on their part.


What you should do is throw yourself into looking for another job, and perhaps use this down time to learn something new.. Can you take classes online to help you move towards a better paying job?


Don't sit around and focus on your loss, focus on what new opportunities you can get or make for yourself to live a happy and full life. You've lost a job, but you now have the gift of time while you are unemployed and can try to use it wisely to develop some skills and talents or to have fun and do things you weren't able to do before due to lack of time.

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Your Boyfriend Left You - So What?
Your Boyfriend Left You - So What?


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