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  1. Why don't you flirt with 29 single guy then? He looks cute too. Lol. And I mean, you did give me a hard time for seeing C, should I do the same to you?? Lol. Bad girl!!
  2. GO FOR IT ANNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He looks cute!!!
  3. LOL. LOL. LOL. Is it normal that I'm literally ROFL reading your adventure? It's SO typical of REALLY sleazy and out of control Brazilian guys. Immature too. I mean, sorry, but that was a hilarious read. This country is really out of control though, as you have probably noticed. I promise not all guys are that crazy. If you get to meet T you'll see he's nice and normal. I can't wait to see you next week. When do you guys want to go for drinks? Sunday? Monday? I can't wait to hear all about this again IN person.
  4. Hey sweetheart! Well the good news is... it gets better. SO much better. It has been 2.5 years for me and I'm so much better. Actually, last saturday I saw him after almost 2 years of not seeing him and it was so completely chill. I saw him at a restaurant with his brother and father. His gf wasn't there (he is still with her) which helped. He was sweet to me and it was just good to see him again. I felt nothing though. Not a thing. Hopefully things will workout for you too!! Sorry it took me so long to reply! I don't visit this thread as often anymore... I have a journal on the journal section though =]
  5. Hahahaahahaha.... I laughed reading about weirdo guy. I mean, what a creep!! I'd be way more curious than you and definetly messaged our friend in common though... The problem is she might have just added him/it randomly as well.
  6. hahahahaha loved it. I'm on Day 8. The first 5 are the hardest. It only gets easier from here. I deleted him off facebook and bbm. Don't think he'll ever contact me again. If I want to be "friends", I'm the one who'll have to break NC. As per usual.
  7. beautifulangel - Sorry I took so long to reply, I just don't check this post anymore. Anyways, to answer your question: No, I don't think a thyroid problem is responsible for someone cheating on you and leaving you for "no" reason. Actually, my aunt, who's a psychologist, said that a lot of people develop the disease when they "separate" from someone they were really close to. In this case, she believed it could have been my answer to the break-up. But not the reason for it. I think the thyroid problem might have helped me feel like I was really moving on AFTER the break-up, but not before it. But anyways, ultimately, no, I don't think it should be blamed.
  8. Heck I am back in the challenge. They say third time's the charm? Day 1!!
  9. Josh, I'm with you. I'm on LC with the ex and for me, counting the days and doing NC just makes it worse for me. It wasn't a long, hurtful relationship anyways. He's my friend and in my case I think casual contact is more effective for me to heal and/or get back together in the future. But, in some situatons, like in my last break-up, NC was the only way. I guess we all know our relationship/exes and know how to deal with it. I feel free not to have to worry about counting the days.
  10. Day 4. I'm feeling ok! Can't wait to be over Day 10 and then over Day 20 and then just keep going!
  11. For everyone over Day 8 - KEEP STRONG. I made it to 11 last time and I WISH I had never broken NC... I'm back at Day 2 and it sucks. Specially because contact was broken because we saw eachother last weekend and it was good and weird and then we very casual contact this week and this weekend in which he was very cold towards me. I feel so bad.
  12. Haha. Yeah. Seriously, along with facebook, blackberry messenger is the DEVIL. Everyone in my social circle has BBM now, I have over 120 contacts. My ex and I used to talk on that 24 hours a day. It's so simple... Every random little: "so what is the number of massage place x?", "did you enjoy the game", "have you eaten today?". Honestly, the small talk on there was ridiculous. When he was "sweet" I got my hopes all up, when he was "cold" it made me feel horrible... The bad news is that he will notice I deleted him and I don't want him to get upset but, I can always say I deleted it off my phone or got a new phone. It will definetly make NC 200000000000000000x easier for me.
  13. I'm back to Day 1 but this time I am going to make it. Deleted him off BBM.
  14. *People are still replying* But this is what I learned about my experience. I think I should post it: Going after my ex ONLY after he had moved on was one of the most selfish things I ever did in my life. It was selfish and destructive. It was my first break-up, my first love, so the only reason I don't think I'm a horrible person is because I was learning and at that time I did not understand the HAVOC I was creating in my ex's life. I put him through hell for 6 months and ALMOST destroyed his relationship with this other girl. In the end though, G_d is amazing and the only thing that is destroyed is my relationship with my ex. He is still going strong with his girlfriend after 1.5 years, for all I know. Our relationship, however, is completely destroyed. We had a beautiful friendship and connection but because I was so selfish to get him back, that is destroyed. If I had just let him live his life, we would probably still be good friends. But anyways, we live and we learn. It's part of life. And like I said, I have finally moved on as well! =] I don't really feel guilty or regret things anymore because I know this was a journey I needed to live through. And it directed me to ENA!
  15. Guys, I felt like retrieving this thread to say... Wow, was my ex's birthday yesterday and it didn't even cross my mind. I just remembered it today reading something at ENA. Wow. I feel ZERO urges to talk to him. I posted this on the healing forum: This is funny, to say the least! I joined ENA on February of 2009 when I was DEVASTATED over a break-up with my first boyfriend whom I dated for 3 years. The first months were cruel. The first year was faily hard. But, June 29th of 2010 was his birthday and I completely forgot about it. I didn't even think of it. I have fallen in love again and am currently hurting over someone else... But still, I could never believe I would ever forget his birthday. I remember just last year I counted the days to it... I have ZERO urge to talk to him. ZERO urge to send him an e-mail. It's just over. It passed. We aren't part of eachother's lives anymore and I'm ok about it now. I accept it. It's part of life!! Wow. Hang in there guys. Time heals all wounds.
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