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what should i do now? I'm no good at all this dating stuff and i really need advice


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i will summarize in point form:


- me and her meet at a mutual friends christmas party


- i ask her if she would like to hang out again and she said "yes, definatly and i find you really interesting"


- i message her a week later (after christmas) to get her number and such


-she emails back and gives me her number and again says she wants to hang out.


- she hangs out with our mutual friend a couple times and brings me up both times and mentions how she would be into getting to know me,etc


- i facebook messaged her on the 28th to do something on a day that week. I didn't hear back from her...then she writes a nice birthday note on my 'wall' and sends me a message asking me to find some specific music she liked (so i assume she just had things to do the day i asked)


-so i text her 4 or 5 days later asking to hang out on a thursday..she texts right back and says she is out of town at her parents and then suggests the weekend to get together


- we agree to this past saturday


- saturday comes and i message her to see when she wants to meet up....she texts me back and says she is still out of town because a female friend from far away surprised her with a visit..then texts me 40 mins later and says "i am home tomorrow! and i'm so sorry,etc"




- i texted her back and just said "well i'm around. let me know when you are and we'll make it happen".......


i feel like that was to vague on my part..especially considering she already told me when she gets back!


i really just want to end this text/email crap and call her in a couple days to see whats up.....i assume she is still interested because we have been trying to meet up for 2.5 weeks...

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I am afraid you may have been a bit vague. It is good she is still interested but you might want to take clear action quickly or she will eventually loose interest. How about you call her tomorrow (Monday) and ask her to come have coffee with you during the day. Just make sure to schedule something real, with a meeting location and time. Then if she says she can't make it again for whatever reason, the ball is in her court so wait and see.


I hope this helps. I am myself not really good at this dating thing but am spiting out some advices I've been given recently. Best of luck, I am sure if you show enough interest in meeting her and actually set up a date, everything will be great

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Stop with the texts, e-mails and Facebook messages. You have her number so call her with a plan in mind. Girls appreciate when a man takes charge and makes a plan because it shows interest.


Call her up and say something like, "Hi, how's 5 work for you? I was thinking we could go (for coffee, for a walk, for dinner, bowling, etc.). Sound good?"

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