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Saw him..and have possibly drifted back to square one.

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It had been 4 months of pretty much NC minus the odd text both ways here and there.


I'd decided last night that I could no longer neglect all of our mutual friends, so agreed to go to a house party at his, invited by his flat mate but he text me saying he was looking forward to seeing me and whatnot. We ended in a weird undefined way back in August, but he has made no conscious effort to really contact me since.


Anyway cut to the chase.

I saw him and my heart skipped a beat

We start talking and once again get wrapped up in this little world, we just spoke all night about every possible subject..then he starts flirting, he came on to me..both a little drunk and it all went down hill..


Kissing and cuddling all night, shared a bed, stayed up til 4am just talking, did not have sex..I made the decision not to and stuck to my guns.

Yet when we were lying there, I kinda knew that nothing would come of it.

I don't feel like he feels as much for me as I do him, at all.


Today was great.

He woke me up with a cuddle, no awkwardness..so cliche but it was like I belonged. He had work to do so I chilled out with everybody else until about an hour before i was due to leave, i go in to get my stuff and we just kiss, joke and cuddle for another hour. It was honestly like nothing had changed the whole time.

I told him I'd be visiting his housemate again in a couple of weeks and he said to make sure i let him know so he can make sure he's in.

Then when I left he kissed me and hugged me and said see you in a couple of weeks.

But I just have this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Maybe it's love?

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It could be love, or caution.


Keep in mind that you had one nostalgic night, and it doesn't mean you're back together. Before you go any farther with this, make sure he is on the same page as you.


Either keep it strictly friends (and really BELIEVE you're just friends), or get his agreement that you're taking it to another level and that it means something, not just a shag for old times sake.


He could today be thinking he wants to date you again, or just be going out on another date with someone else and not think twice about what happened other than it was a fun time and a trip down memory lane.

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