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chemically straightening hair...


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In my area, the chemical straightening most salons offer is actually a "relaxing" of the hair. Actual chemical straightening is expensive and damaging, but relaxing costs about the same as a perm, and I didn't see any damage, but my hair was in good condition beforehand. Afterward, my hair was much softer and smoother. I looked like someone who had naturally straight hair, rather than someone who straightened her hair. I would definitely suggest it-as long as you haven't processed your hair that much already.

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i always liked using the sunslik straightening conditoner. it comes in a purple bottle and smells AMAZING. so amazing that i had to use all caps.

try it.

plus it wont damage your hair. for the most part it helps your hair stay straight as it dries, and then you are one or two wisks of the iron away from perfection.

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well...how often do you have to have this done in order for the hair to remain straight? Like, if my curly roots start to grow in...that would be ugly!


You gotta go in for a touch up every few months or so.. But some people like having a little bit of root showing because it makes the hair look more..um..volumized?

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Hey Speak!

I asked my hairdresser to relax or straighten my hair permanently, and she said she couldn't do it because I had colored my hair and damaged it from float iron straightening. She said they don't do Bio Ionic straightening (permanent salon straightening) on hair if it has been damaged, and suggested I grow all my color out and do it then...

So if you want to straighten it permanently then you have so0me growing to do if you have colored hair or foils.


I instead use a GHD to straighten, I use an awesome quality shampoo and conditioner (Like Matrix or Redken) and a kick ass treatment every time I wash it. (worth the money - Redken do an awesome treatment called 'Rescue force' in the Redken extreme range) AND invest in a heat protecting syrem like Crystalli.


Good luck mate! This is tried and tested from someone who has hair like a sheep's fleece (not joking here!) and has been battling with straightening and fixing my dead blonde hair.



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