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  1. **NO JUDGEMENT PLEASE** I feel like I’m in a pickle. In June of 2019 I began a relationship with Geo. I met him at a part time job I was working at. He is a trucker. The chemistry was immediate. He told me he was separated and about to divorce. He told me not too long after we were dating that his wife and himself still lived together. He continued to say that he planned to divorce her. It is now a year and a half later and he is still married. If I bring up the situation he denies that he ever planned to divorce her. He has blocked my number before and earlier this year he ghosted me
  2. Right. The meeting last week my manager said “I don’t care how things get done. You two delegate them however you choose.” So I think a big problem is my boss and her communication
  3. Help. I work in property management and My manager is constantly saying one thing and doing another. She’ll tell you to do something one way and the next day tell you something completely different! We had a new hire a few months ago and she could tell she wasn’t going to hold up her half of the work in the office. She told me “I think she will be your delegator and put her work on you. If this happens let me know and I will stop it.” Soo brought to her attention a couple of times that my co-worker was delegating work to me and my boss was just like “what can I do about it?” With a shrug. So t
  4. speak

    Cheating hearts

    Sherry: I cut all ties with him a week ago after he confessed.
  5. If you discovered that the person you are seeing is sleeping with a married woman would you consider contacting her husband about it?
  6. Virgin right here. I'm saving myself for marriage.
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