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Help! I'm in love with two guys!


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Hello, I'm a female of 20 yrs and I'm here because I'm conflicting between the love of two great guys. One of which I've known since I was the age of 12 and practically grew up with except for the fact that...Yes, I met him online. Although, we got to know each other through the years and I finally met him in person not so long after I turned 20. He was almost everything I had ever imagined him to be if not completely. But not long after I met someone else. I had been staying at my best friends boyfriends house along with her to hang with his brothers including the both of them. When after all along I thought I hated his second oldest brother I spent one night with him talking and it wasn't long before we got together. We've now been together for 6 months with everything going well except for the thoughts that cross my mind. The guy I first knew for so long, we bonded through the years and became so close that we sincerely acted like a married couple. We would not only finish each others sentences but exchange the I love you's. It wasn't lovey dovey as it sounds though. We were best friends but with the best kind of love you could ever find. So now with my boyfriend I just keep wondering if the first guy was who I am meant to be with. The only thing that set me apart from him for the most part was the fact that he didn't seem to show any aspiration into going to College or getting a job. So I guess really, I'm asking someone out there to tell me... How do you choose between two loves?

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