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Is romance overrated ?


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When I look around me it seems like no one likes romance. Or maybe not the same romance as me. I know romance is a very wide subject with many different description. It might be different to anyone aswell.


Now here are a few things that made me ask this question:


- I was talking with girls about places to go out on a date. For example doing some ice-skating since it's christmas, going to an amusement park, a picknick in the park, etc ... They all said those ideas were terrible.


- I went on a few parties and I see alot of people kissing 4-5 different persons the same night


- A few weeks ago I went on a date party ( you have to wear a bracer with a colour that stands for either "single", "in a relationship" or "one-night stand" ). 90% of people were wearing the "one-night stand" bracer lol


- At my college, going to bed with someone is going to bed with 500 persons, because every single girl has been shared by every guy around. It also looks like everyone there is cheating around ( if they don't make up something to break up )


-I know alot of girls ( and guys ) that hate all the romantic stuff and rather go straight to the point. They also avoid getting to serious.



Is it me that is old-fashioned or is it the people that are getting superficial ?

Or am I simply going around with the wrong people ? To me it looks like being romantic just doesn't make it anymore. Oh and don't confuse being romantic and being nice

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Romance is most definitely not dead! It just takes someone who shares the same sentiment as you to receive it in the proper way. And don't look for someone reading trashy romance novels...look for the ones that read the classics or poetry because that's where romance is really found


Good luck with your search.

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If that's what life is like in college these days, I think I'll invest in companies making STD drugs.


I love romance. My BF in fact is very disappointing in this regard and it's an issue between us. Romance to him is walking through the mall, I think.


At first I am happy that there are still people that love romance


Well yeh, in alot of colleges, especially the one I was talking about ( not mine btw ) it goes like this. But the mentality there is also that everyone is free to experience whatever they want and that almost no rules can dictate their actions. The things is, they take it to extreem sometimes !


I would blame any guy or girl that has a bf/gf in that college because they always end up cheating with someone around and am not even exagerating ...

I also agree with some of the above. In the end, it's just about finding someone who likes romance.


My point in this post was just that I noticed that romance might be slowly dying. Most of my friends are girls and I can tell you for sure that they complain all day long about their bf not being romantic enough. And it goes in both ways btw

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all those people that you talk about don't want commitment and are just interested in no strings attached sex.

i'm sure if you talked to some one who found a person that they truly care about, they would want romance out of it, since romance and intimate feelings relate.

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I love romance too. But in my relationship, romance doesn't really mean roses and fancy dinners. It's usually the little things he does that I find the most romantic. Like surprising me with food he made for me to take to work, since I have very little time on my lunch break to go buy food. Or curling up with me to watch a movie. I love those things.

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This is pretty subjective, and depends on different people. In my opinion, I think that romance still exists. A lot of girls like for their guys to be romantic, and buy flowers, and go ice skating in the cold etc... Then again, there are some who thinks it's overrated.


Maybe the people you hang out with aren't really into commitment.

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I just noticed this thread and had to comment... I too have noticed a lack of romance, mostly though in our age group, early to mid twenties. I think it also has to do with experience, or lack of experience, in relationships. As we get older and gain more experiences, the romance that has been missing starts to come back.

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