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Pragnancy for big girls


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Hi Guys,


Wonder if anyone here can shed any light on this subject. Please be aware i'm not trying to insult anyone here, just try and get some facts from you.


My Best friend has just fallen pregnant, it was a surprise but her and her husband are over joyed. The thing is she is a big girl (about 18 stones so about 250lbs) She is in good health and is quite active as she doesn't drive and walks everywhere. Anyway she asked the Doc if being over weight would make the pregnacy harder or dangerous in anyway and he said not really just that she would have to watch her blood pressure more closely and that was it.

Anyway we were chatting this morning and her weight is really bothering her as neither of us know another large lady who has had a baby to ask. So i said i'd post here for her, would be really interested to know if any ladies out there who were bigger found there pregnancy more difficult in anyway. She is deffinately keeping the baby and is very happy about it, but I think it's just niggling at her.



Anyway thanks in advance


Sugar xxxx


*Only 47 days till my wedding*

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Okay, I am what you would call a big girl, I was overweight when I first got pregnant I weighed 12.5 stone and I am only 5 foot 3 so I wear a size 14 - 16 (UK size) My breasts were a 34J before I got pregnant, I always had big boobs but my weight attributed and made them bigger!


anyway I am now 6 months pregnant and I havent weighed myself! but my belly is huge and so is my bum and thighs and my breasts have SHOT UP!


I am finding that I am breathless walking up stairs, doing any kind of exercise, even just getting comfortable in bed, which is hard anyway but now it takes me a while to get my breath back after I have wriggled around.


My neck kills me because of the weight of my bust pulling down on my neck muscles and I hold hot water bottle on which helps and does ease pain.


I watch my blood pressure and try not to eat too much rubbish as heavier girls are also at risk of pregnancy diabetes, so tell your friend to take a urine sample with her every single time she has a check up. She will be checked for glucose intolerance at 28 - 32 weeks anyway.


I have swore to myself that after I have this baby I will lose weight and get healthy before getting pregnant again, because it is just exhausting carrying the extra weight around.


Tell your friend not to worry though, as she doesnt need any added stress during pregnancy. There is no point fretting now about it, which is what the midwife said to me, its not like you can go on a diet when you are pregnant!



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Pregnant women are more at risk for blood pressure problems and gestational diabetes so they need to be extremely careful about what they eat when pregnant. They may also have more indigestion, back pain, desire to urinate because of the extra pressure of fat plus baby.


I had a friend who was about that size who actually had a positive life changing experience with pregnancy. She had terrible eating habits (junk/fatty foods/sugar) and decided she wanted the baby to be healthy, so joined Weight Watchers to follow their normal pregnant women nutrition plan (not a diet, just a healthy eating plan the reduced the bad food and substituted healthy food with extra requirements for pregnancy like calcium/milk so the baby would get proper nutrients).


She actually ended up weighing less after the pregnancy than before, since her new healthy way of eating reduced fat and bloat. She then went on after the pregnancy to lose about 75 pounds and got down to normal weight. So her baby inspired her to get healthy and stay healthy in terms of eating habits.


So now might be a good time for her to cut out all junk food, high fat/sugar and low nutrient meals, and start planning some really healthy meals to make sure the baby gets proper nutrients. She will have the wonder side effect of slimming down rather than gaining weight during pregnancy.


But again, no weight loss DIET during pregnancy, just starting a healthy eating plan rather than eating in a way that causes and supports being overweight.

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I was 197 when I got pregnant with my daughter, I am only 5ft. I had no difficulties, the only time my blood pressure even got a bit high, was when I went into labor. I had problems in the first tri-mester but that had nothing to do with me being over weight (it was a hormone issue). I think she will have a successful pregnancy. If her Dr. tells her it is ok, then I think he is the expert and she should not worry anymore.

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i was about 200 pounds [5 feet 2 inch] when i got pregnant last year. honestly, my only complaint was that i never felt i looked pregnant, i just looked fatter. as long as you eat right and keep active, you should be okay. my blood pressure never went up [thankfully, since my mother has absolutely horrid high blood pressure] mine never went above 125/70 honestly, mine sits on the low side of normal but it stays there so no worries.


it depends on you and your health. if she's already active and stays active during pregnancy, then she just has to make sure she eats right. the body slows down at making insulin during pregnancy [or the baby uses most of it, one of the two] and so if you eat too much sugary foods, you can cause gestational diabetes because the body can't make enough insulin to break the sugars down.

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i was overweight when i got pregnant when my daugther they keep an eye on the gestional diabetes, and towards the end i had to go in for weekly NST ( Non Stress Test) but i was not high risk pregnancy or anything and my daughter is health and happy and so am i , I did end up having a C-section but thats because i was not dialiting.

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i was about 200 pounds [5 feet 2 inch] when i got pregnant last year. honestly, my only complaint was that i never felt i looked pregnant, i just looked fatter.




ha ha me too I am still paranoid that people just think I ate ALL the pies rather than just a few! ha ha I find myself sticking my belly out when I walk which is doing my back no good.


My friends say they notice that whenever we are in a public place I refer loudly to my pregnancy!


I have vowed to lose weight after this pregnancy ends, I won't be going through this again!!

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