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My boyfriend's ex keeps bothering him

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A year ago, (a few months before me and my boyfriend were together or even knew each other) he did something dumb and slept with his ex girlfriend for a one night stand. I know that's wrong but i didn't know him at the time so i don't really care about it. A few months ago when my boyfriend and i started seeing eachother, she texted him out of the blue saying about how they should get together and how he 'teased' her and she wanted more. my boyfriend simply told her that he was happy with me and that he was not interested. I know he's not interested. Thats why he never got back with her after their one night stand about a year back from now. I guess she didn't get the hint.


But she keeps bugging him and it's annoying both me and my boyfriend. she will text him randomly saying whats up or 'why do you hate me'. He never replies because he's simply not interested at all. This isn't what this post is about. It's about getting her to stop bothering him! On his birthday she wrote somtehing about how they should get together in a hot tub and it will be like old times...


It's pissing me and my boyfriend both off. Even though he told her that he was happy with me and not interested in her. What can i do, or what can my boyfriend do about this?

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Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. This girl clearly isn't getting the hint with him ignoring her so perhaps he needs to just outright tell her that there is no chance of them ever getting back together, that he is happy with you and that she should move on and sort herself out. If that fails, then I suppose it's just a matter of waiting until she gets bored.

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