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how to meet people other than bars?


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Depends where you live really. City? Town?

'Most' people will go for bars, places where the music is light and conversation can be had. But bars are not the greatest places because most women who go to bars will already have a specific picture of what type of man they hope to be talking to that evening. Shallowness and a picky view on 'looks' is evident in all bars, pubs and clubs - especially when it comes to women. I've also noticed this bizarre obsession with a mans occupation. A bar is a great place to view such bull, but having said that, you might come accross a really decent girl or two in such a place, but I wouldn't bank on it.


What kind of interests do you have?

Have you thought about joining some sort of club, even if your not really interested in the club itself? Try a library. Sounds silly but you can make conversation in such places, especially when the mood and atmosphere is relaxed. I've never tried a dating site. There's something about the idea of posting my picture for all to see on a website that really puts me off. And I think most young women on these sites are really funny about a 'pic'. They usually prefer to respond to the guy's who have a pic for immediate show.


Anyway. You will have to think out of the box. Go visit some place you wouldn't normally visit. Try to think like you wouldn't normally think.

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