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Im in a terrible Dilemma, RIGHT NOW !!!?


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ok, here it is a crazy situation.......

Im sitting in an internet place in a hotel in Mexico City not knowing what the hell im going to do !!!

Im from the UK and got married to a mexican woman 5 years ago. She is from a good family etc and the issue isnt about money ( before anyone starts judging her for being mexican !)

anyway, we got married and had problems from the start. I find her to be cold, difficult to connect with and we have been apart in different countries most of the time.

In that time we had a child who is 3 and i am also finding it impossible to connect with him as he speaks spanish and i dont very well.

Recently, we decided that i should come to mexico for a final time to make a go of things. So, i came without a job etc and was looking to teach english. The point is that after 2 weeks she threw me out because we were having problems and i ended up in a hotel ( i said a few unnice thigns and i dont dispute i deserved that !)

Basically, we dont communicate well, we dont see things in the same way and she wants to change many things about me.

In my mind, i dont want to change because it doesnt all feel right and i never feel happy in the relationship and frustrated.

So, i decided to return home and booked a flight for tomorrow.

However, i had a weak moment when i felt guilty and called her yesterday from the airport and said i would try 100% in the realtionship and come back to her but today i feel different ! Jesus, what am i to do. If i go back it will be totally over but part of me doesnt feel right in it. The fact we have a child makes this the big dilemma because i feel terrible to leave her and feel should i stay for that even though im unhappy.

Just to throw something else major in the equation she suspects she is pregnant as well.

Really, i dont know what to do......do i stay with her for the sake of the kids or do i accept it cant work and get on with my life .

Opinions would be useful. I literally came on here as a last gasp sounding board because my mind is all over the place and i have to take the flight or lose the flight.........

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If there wasn't a child(ren) involved then I'd say cut your losses but there is...you owe it to your off spring to keep trying.

Give it a year of you trying really hard. Learn better Spanish if you can - maybe there is some communication problems because of that. Immerse yourself in the culture, try to see her side of things.

On the other hand, don't be a pushover with this. Tell her you have rights and you intend to uphold them. Oh and watch your temper - it does no-one any good to lose it - as you likely know

Good luck.


ps: don't take that flight because of pride -

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