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songs that saved your life


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whenever I've gone through a break up I always listen to the smiths/morrissey. morrissey is a genius at sad songs here are the songs that saved my life.


"I know it's over-still I cling I don't know where else I can go I know it's over and it never really began but in my heart it was so real and you even spoke to me and said..." I know it's over


"I'm here with a cause, I'm holding a torch in the corner of your room can you hear me? and when you're dancing and laughing and finally living hear my voice in your head and think of me kindly" rubbering


"the good life is out there somewhere so stay on my arm you little charmer but I know my luck too well,yes I know my luck too well and I'll probably never see you again, I'll probably never see you again" hand in glove


"fifteen minutes with you well, I wouldn't say no people see no worth in you oh but I do" reel around the fountain


"..and when I sleep with that pictuer of you framed beside my bed, yes it's childish and it's silly but I think it's you in my room by the bed..yes I told you it was silly" maudlin street


"time is gonna wipe us out, there I've said it loud and clear,so that you can hear there's no one in view just you and time is gonna wipe you out, now I've had enough I've had more than can be my rightful share of nights I can't bear how could it be fair? time could never wipe you out" I'd love to

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Great song , LARA FABIAN - I WILL LOVE AGAIN (with a touch of anger and revenge to it) to make you wade through bad moments:


" I will love again , though my heart is breaking / I will love again, stronger than before / I will love again, if it takes a lifetime to get over you/ Heavens only knows.. ".

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I tend to listen to sad songs. Or I guess you could say destructive sad songs. They make me feel stronger and they make it easier for me to raise my chin again


One good song is X Japan - Art of Life. It is a long song (30mins if I remember correctly). It is sung in English and the lyrics bring up four of the human nature's most fundamental emotions. Sadness, Anger, Love and Happiness. Truly a work of art

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Dream Theater - A Change of Seasons


It's about the whole life and it's 23 minutes long. I still get chills.


Seasons change and so can I

Hold on boy, no time to cry

Untie these strings, I'm climbing down

I won't let them push me away


And of course, now I would have to include all the songs by Aimee Mann...

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Hello Senna


I saw this post and thought I must reply.


During the summer of 1994 I discovered a band called Minxus who brought out a single called 'Steal, Steal, Steal' which is still one of my favourite songs.


I saw them play live several times that summer and it was in awe at the music they produced. It was all part of a time in my life when I was at the happiest I had been at that point in time.


Then the next January my world came crashing down around me when I was diagnosed at an advanced stage of End Stage Renal Failure and my chances of survival were fairly slim.


I started dialysis and came out of hospital a week later. One of the first things I did was buy Minxus' debut album 'Pabulum' and the sheer beauty of this record inspired me and gave me hope for the future.


I am sure that this record played a large part in my survivial at that time, giving me the impetus to fight for the future.

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As a fellow fan, I must add some of my own Smiths favorites (please forgive me, or hang the D.J.)


"I know it's over...and it never really began, but it my heart - it was soo real - and you even spoke to me and said: 'If you're so funny - why are you on your own tonight? If you're so very good looking - why are you on your own tonight? If you're so very entertaining - why do you sleep alone tonight?' Because...tonight, is just like any other night."


"Last night I dreamt, that somebody loved me. No hope, no harm - just another false alarm....Last night I felt, real arms around me. No hope, no harm just another false alarm.....The story is old, I know, but it goes on."


and, my favorite:


"I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour...but heaven knows I'm miserable now.


"I was looking for a job and then I found a job....and heaven knows I'm miserable now -


"In my life, why do I give valuable time, to people who don't care if I

Live or die?


"Two lovers entwined pass me by, and heaven knows I'm miserable now, 'oh -you've been in the house too long', she said - and I naturally fled,


"In my life life, why do I smile at people who I'd much rather - kick in the eye?"


I could trade with you all day, Senna!


Shoplifters of the world, unite!



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whenever i'm pissed, or frustrated, or angry, or whatever, i usually listen to Coldplay. It's not the best music in the world, but that stuff could drop a ragin bull. Very soothing music. Try "a rush of blood to the head"

Other than that, just give me Nirvana. Still the best band, ever.

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Most of last year I was battling a pretty severe depression...and I somehow heard a Fleetwood Mac song on the radio (Dreams or Rhiannon I think) and it just spoke to me for some reason. From then on whenever I feel badly or just angry or sad or anything...I just put on a Fleetwood Mac album and it seems to relax me...because their music has so many different emotions that it touches so many people. So that would be my recommendation to you...along with Stevie Nicks's solo work.

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Hi all,


bit of an Elvis lover and one of the best for guys (even girls) looking to get over someone is only the strong survive, one of the lines is: theres a whole lot of girls, looking for a good man like you, but you'll never meet them, if you give up now and say your life is through.


also, for admitting you where wrong is always on my mind. classic!


slightly different is Solomon Burke's Here Comes the Train. starts of by saying: "to give all you have, to someone that you love, and to get nothing in return, kinda tears you up inside when you really stop and think about it"


John Lennon's Jealous Guy (covered by Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music).


but a major favourite (as im in that kinda situation) is Patrick Swayze's song, She's like the wind. "feel her breath in my face, her body close to me, can't look in her eyes, she's out of my league"

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thats a short,suicidal song but it is the song of my life


Katatonia-Quiet World


four numbers staring back at me

displaying the mediocrity of my presense

i´m wasting my day wtching them change

the sun with it's blue sky outside

shining down on all you happy people

i´m wasting my day waiting for rain

need more methods to end each day

to be happy by living this way

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