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Asking advise... A way in?


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A very strange thing happened today. My ex called me asking for some advise. We used to work together before I resigned, and while I was there I was one of several trade union reps that would advise our members and attend meetings when they had oroblems. Within that I further specialised in grievances and complaints. She called to ask advice about making a complaint of harassment against a collague.


I of course was more than willing to give her the advice, but to remind her that that advise was current 3 months ago and to consult her reps. It left me rather confused, because she could/should have done that in the first place, rather than involving me.


Perhaps I'm Reading too much into this, but I think the 'situation' may well have been manufactured in order to ring me. She did ask if I could act for her by proxy, and give her advise on an independent basis. I simply said I coukdoffer an opinion as a friend.


What does anyone else' think? Am I misreading this?

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I don't think you're misreading it at all.

Given that your ex had other options in getting advice, there was really no reason to contact you at all.

The situation may be genuine or contrived - either way, it was an excuse to contact you.


Now for the important part - in the big scheme of things, it might prove to be insignificant. Do not read anything into it and continue with your life as though she had never reappeared.


If it was her 'first step' back.....she'll take a second one soon enough. Don't be hanging around waiting for it though mate.

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