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Finished packing her clothes


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My friend, my wifes best friend, helped me start packing away her clothes this morning, while my son was at soccer. Although it wasn't as bad as I expected, I found certain items that I had forgotten about entirely. The worst was finding her favorite chamois flannel nightshirt...I had gotten it for her ages ago, she wore it till threadbare. That brought on a deluge of tears, and my friend was there to comfort me.

So I have 7 bags of expensive clothing to bring to the Abused Womens Home tomorrow.

I kept a few things I couldn't part with, may sleep with the nightshirt tonight.

Another chapter closed.


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I can try come up with some words to help but I doubt I will find anything profound.


You have tremendous courage, you know she is with you, watching you as you go through this. Like those of us here, wishing to reach and and help, so does she .... and she knows how you feel.


People may die and be lost to us, but love never dies, it is with you forever.


Hang in there and take care of yourself, my thoughts go out to you.

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