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Come Home


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Ive never been in this spot before

Where I am the weak one

Unable to let you go

Even after all this time

I want you back

I look back the years

I cursed others' love

For making me complete them

Who tried to be mine

But now I am yours

And cant be

Im refused each time

You dont lean on me

Like I want you to

I need that goodnight whisper

You are my moonlight

Even now, though we do not speak

As well

You are my angel, singing me softly to sleep

With that deep impactful voice

That I only know to be your own

It calls me home

Oh God I love you

Dont you know?

Come home

Why dont you dear

On this brillliant road

From all the years

You have lead me

So long and Im tired

Let's rest

And sing a lullaby

of fire


I knew myself before I knew you

I knew myself before I knew you

But now I dont know myself at all

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Makes me want to hang myself, but in a good way. I was eating some leftover IHoP pancakes when I read this and my throat closed up so tight with emotion that I had to run to the fridge to wash down the clog with milk. LMAO! That's one powerful piece right there.


Are you serious? I wish I could have seen it... lol.


Something that resonates with you, maybe you've related at one point in your life? Loss of love is loss. I am grieving

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