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  1. Yep, he said selfish. Interesting, because something similar happened a couple weeks ago and I said he was acting selfish. Guess it’s a new hot word to use. I just feel like crap. I even tried smoothing things out and it made it worse because he isn’t or doesn’t want to recognize that what he said was hurtful and untrue.
  2. I guess my concern is not wanting to play games. We have one laundry basket in the laundry room. Do I only take out my laundry and leave his? lol Not to mention I’m vegan and he’s not, so I make two different meals each time.
  3. It’s really draining doing all of it... and to be called selfish... ugh.
  4. Who knows. He would vacuum and mop the floors before I worked from home, but now since I’m home all the time, I guess it’s on me. He asked if I wanted him to vacuum last weekend and I said no, because he had just come in from work and said he was exhausted.
  5. My bf and I have been together almost 4 years. We have lived together for a few months. I’m 31, he’s 33. We both work. I am working from home because of the virus, whereas he still has to work normally. We got a dog together. So, I do the household chores, take care of the dog, do the shopping... you know. I ask him to take out our dog like once a day. He told me today that I need to help him out more. That his job is physical and he breaks his back all day, so I should take the dog out. Prior to the virus, my commute is an hour each way. We moved where we live now because it was more convenient for him. I agreed. It also allowed us to get a dog because he’d take her out on his lunch. So, I told him I’m tired of him saying that he breaks his back. I do everything for him. Laundry, cleaning, cooking, making him a fresh, hot lunch EVERYDAY on his break. I work from home. He says he knows I still work, but it’s “easier for me.” It’s not! I hate working from home. It’s stressful and hard for me to get things done. I told him I’m so hurt that he called me selfish. And on top of that he left after he said that to return back to work without even saying goodbye to me. I also told him if this is how it’s gonna be that I can’t imagine me wanting to have kids with him. He seemed taken aback.
  6. It would be outside of inner city Boston. She does not like parks— doesn’t like going for walks because the sound of cars scares her. My parents have a fenced in acre where she roams freely. I feel like she’d be mentally better there. I just don’t know how to deal with “leaving” her. She has always slept in my room. She only feels safe when I bring her to the vet, etc.
  7. So, I’ve been with my bf for 3 years. We’ve been living at home and saving to move out. We have looked at a few places and know where the area we want to live in. The thing is— i feel stuck. I’m torn. Over the summer I mainly stayed at my parents to care for our ailing chocolate lab who passed away over the summer. I was fortune enough to have the summer off of work, and never would have been able to live with myself if I wasn’t there for our family dog. We have another family dog, she’s almost 12– she was affected by his passing too. They were best friends for 11 years. My brother has some mental health issues that are severely neglected, and my parents severely enable him. It’s made living here unbearable and I told my bf that I can’t live here anymore and we need to get a place now. He agreed. To be clear, I’ve been physically assaulted several times, had my life threatened, and don’t feel safe anymore. My parents refuse to do anything out of fear of my brother and I just honestly feel like it’s too much for them to deal with, so they don’t do anything. My mom has witnessed the physical assaults and does nothing. She says, “Oh. He didn’t mean to hit you. Stop crying. You’re ok.” Yeah, seriously. My parents know I was in an awful physically abusive relationship from 18-22. The thing is...I feel heartbroken even thinking about leaving Jane. She has anxiety and has bonded to me and I can do things and pick her up— and no one else has this relationship with her. I don’t want to leave her. If I could take her, I don’t know if she’d like it. We’d be living in a busy city and she’s been in a quiet, wooded suburb for her life. She’s my best friend. I want to be with her for however long she has left— she’s still very active. Thoughts?
  8. No... It makes me not like him. He does do things other than game, but it just doesn’t feel like it’s enough. For example, we took my mom out last week for mother’ day and he got her a really nice gift. It is just so focused on him and his friends and not so much on me. It should be the opposite. I’ve thought about this. Is this what I have to accept? Or do I be single and lonely and regret giving up on someone that I love very much.
  9. So, I see my boyfriend about 3-4 times a week. We live an hour apart and have been together 3 years. We are saving to buy a house together. It seems like when we are together he is constantly texting his friends or asks me to play video games with him (which I enjoy on my own anyways) that he just wants to play so he can also play with his friends (that he texts, like above) and talk to them on the mic. I just get pushed to the side. I’ve brought this up twice to him the last couple months... it’s just draining. I didn’t even go over tonight and said I wasn’t feeling good and goodnight really early so that I didn’t have to wait around to talk to him (because he’s playing video games with his friends). I just feel so pushed to the side. I’m not a priority at all. He tries to make it feel or seem like I am by inviting me to play video games, but it’s like a trick. We never really get time for just us. Like ever. I’m drained.
  10. My concern is that this guy likes my boyfriend and my boyfriend doesn’t see it. I don’t think I’m worried about my bf... he never replies to the weird messages I saw, but it stil makes me feel uncomfortable that this kinda random guy is saying things like that to my bf.
  11. Nowhere did I express that concern. Quite frankly, I’m appalled you brought that into my thread.
  12. Is there a moderator who can remove the comment from wiseman? I’m really bothered by it and it goes way off topic.
  13. Thanks for the advice. I do remember a few months ago this guy said he was going to be in the area and asked to meet up with my bf. He said yes, but as far as I know the guy never ended up taking the trip.
  14. I’m not going to invade his privacy anymore than I already have by seeing those messages while playing. I’m aware what a keylogger is, but if it comes to that point... mind as well not even do it and leave. Yeah, I mean, it’s just a little weird to me. I don’t even do that with my girl friends.
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